Call for Polish applicants for EVS in Armenia

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Młodzi dla młodych. EVS w Armeniilast-minute-travel-deals

Podróże kształcą. Podobnie wolontariat za granicą. Najlepszym rozwiązaniem na zdobycie nowych umiejętności oraz niecodziennego doświadczenia jest więc Wolontariat Europejski J

Poszukujemy osoby, która w ramach naszego projektu Schuman Volunteers Explore Mobility weźmie udział w 10-miesięcznym Wolontariacie Europejskim w Youth Initative Centre YIC NGO w Armenii (nr akredytacji: 2013-PL-32).

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Approved project! EVS vacancy in Poland – 12 months

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Youth for the world IIPoland

Location: Poland, Sosnowiec

Application deadline : 24/02/2015

Start: 07/03/2015

End: 23/02/2016

Task of volunteers and project activities:

– to establish and run European Club of Youth Initiatives/European Youth Club with the goal of increasing motivation of your people in Sosnowiec city to engage in European citizenship actions and promote its values.
– to run regular meetings of the Language Caffee for young people
– to cooperate with Senior Civic Club – running some transgenerational activities and initiatives with senior citizens
– to run Study Circle Group meetings in the topic referring to European Citizenship
– to promote Erasmus+ Program and mobilities opportunities to young people
– to present to the local community the culture of volunteers’ countries and national/regional/local tradition
– to run Youth European Networking with other organisations in Europe and share “good practices”
– to support regular activities in hosting organisation, cooperate with the staff
– to participate actively in social, cultural and public life in Sosnowiec city
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EVS vacancy in Germany – 12 months

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Extracurricular scientifical youth educationGermany

Location: Dresden, Germany

Application deadline: 20/04/2015

Start: 01/11/2015

End: 31/10/2016

Volunteer’s tasks:

The hosted volunteer is merged into the daily tasks of the employees and supports them in organising
all kinds of projects for children, youth and adults. The volunteer is involved as well in the arrangement of contents as in the guiding of participants. She/he is free to develop own projects, e.g. a youth exchange with the native country. The volunteer participates in internal meetings as well as in different network meetings. So she/he becomes aquainted with structures of the youth welfare service in Saxony. The volunteer works in the office, in institutions of youth work, schools, kindergartens all over Saxony. She/he learns about science (e.g. how to build a LEGO robot), about German law (why does LJBW get money from the state of Saxony), to speak German, about the geography and history of Saxony (by visiting the member organisations and learning about the formation of LJBW after the reunification of Germany)…

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Urgent! Approved project! EVS vacancy in Poland – 12 months – only Hungarian applicants

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Location: Gdynia, PolandPoland

Application deadline: 26/02/2015

Start: 01/04/2015

End: 31/03/2016

Volunteer’s tasks:

EVS volunteers will help with:
– Animation of games with elements of street working
– Animation of cultural projects
– Organization of integration events
– Organization of workshops
– Consulting shifts
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Urgent! Approved project! EVS vacancy in Romania – 8 months – only for Italian or Portuguese applicants

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EVS for mental healthGoing EVS

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Application deadline: 22/02/2015

Start: 01/04/2015

End: 30/11/2015

Volunteer’s tasks: 

We are looking for two volunteers, one Italian and one Portuguese, one boy and one girl, to participate in the project “EVS for mental health” in Romania, in the Minte Forte organization.
The goal of the project is to help and empower members of the local community in Cluj-Napoca in maintaining and improving their mental health. This will be done by:
1. Creation of a video awareness campaign on a mental health topic.
2. Organizing events for mental health education and personal development, twice a month, such as: workshops, lectures, movie screenings, interactive café, Human Libraries, theatre plays, concerts and other non-formal events. Also, Minte Forte organizes the Mental Health Week every April or May, consisting of a marathon of such events, in which EVS volunteers will also be involved.

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EVS Vacancy in Germany – 12 months

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12 months EVS in Würzburg (Germany)Stamp of EVS

Location: Würzburg, Germany

Application deadline: 10/03/2015

Start: 15/09/2015

End: 15/09/2016

Volunteer’s tasks: 

Volunteers will be introduced to the various possibilities at our institution, such as the student-run company that prepares various dishes and snacks to be offered during breaks, the “Liason Office for Chronic Truants”, the bike repair shop, or the metal and wood working area. Together, volunteers and staff will decide on an individual basis which tasks and working areas will be appropriate. It is important that volunteers are able to discover and develop their skills, abilities, interests and talents within the spectrum of their duties. These should enable them to come into contact with other youth at our institution, thereby enabling volunteers to test and expand their social and intercultural skills in this foreign setting. Read the rest of this entry »

Urgent! Approved project! EVS vacancy in Latvia – 12 months

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EVS Connects PeopleLatvia

Location: Rezekne, Latvia

Application deadline: 23/02/2015

Start: 01/03/2015

End: 01/03/2016

Volunteer’s tasks: 

During the EVS, the volunteers will have the possibility to gain practical and professional skills (for instance,they will learn Latvian and Russian languages, practice PC skills), as well social skills (communication, intercultural learning). The volunteers will be learning through reflection and supervision that will be provided by the hosting and coordinating organizations. The volunteers will get to know both theoretical and practical principles how to work with children. They will learn alternative ways of communication and being patient. The volunteers will get to know special education methods that are used for children education, and they will learn how to approach and take care of kids and how Latvian education system works.

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