Finding an EVS in a specific country

QA Find EVSSo you decided that you want to go on an EVS.

And you really want to go to this one specific country, because it’s so beautiful, and the language is interesting and the people are amazing.

But it seems like there are no vacancies in this country? Or they only have calls for volunteers residents of other countries than yours?

I get  a lot of messages with this kind of situation lately. And it seems like many of you are facing this issue.

So let’s tackle this in our first Q&A TimeContinue reading “Finding an EVS in a specific country”

What are the problems that you are facing in your quest for your EVS project?

We need to understand each other better. Have Questions-

We have been posting EVS vacancies for a couple of years now, and our community has grown steadily.

We reached a point where we think we can give more than we are at the moment. However we realized that we don’t know each other that well and in order for us to offer you the information you need, we have to know what you need.

So we decided that a pretty good next step would be to ask you what you need.

We tried this week on Facebook but we did not get any answers.

We thought maybe people are shy and if the answers would be completely anonymous it would tempt more people to answer.

So we created a short survey with a few questions. You can also send us any other message there.

You can access the survey here:

We will keep this survey available only until the 14th of February. 

After this we will look at the answer and hope to create some nice graphs that will paint a better picture of what are the issues that you are facing in your EVS application journey.

We will also post the results of the survey so that you can see what most of the EVS applicants are facing and dealing with.

After this we will get to work on offering you answers to the most pressing issues that come up from the results of the survey.

The survey will take less than five minutes and we are not asking for any personal information. Also it’s completely anonymous.

You can access the survey here:

Thank you for your contribution 🙂


Find the Answer

Have Questions-We have known each other for some time now, and maybe we all need more than just calls for EVS vacancies.

We do have more information to offer you and we would like to hear from you.

What would you like to know? How does EVS work? Who can apply? How can you improve your application? How many applicants there are per vacancy?

Even if we don’t have the answer to your question right now, we will surly try to find out the answer for you.

Depending on the questions we get, ans the answer they require, we will answer several questions per week. We’ll do our best to answer as many questions as possible.

For now, let’s see the questions! You can leave your question in a comment bellow, on our website or on Facebook.