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  1. There are two vacancies with the same link.
    Vacancies for EVS volunteer in Liechtenstein 10 months – application deadline 7 April 2014.

    Vacancies for EVS volunteer in Netherlands 10 months – application deadline 14 April 2014.

    Both redirect to Liechtenstein. Unless I missed something in geography, Netherlands are not getting any volunteers anytime soon. ((

    1. Hi Jane! Thank you for telling us about the link mistake. We just corrected it.
      Why do you say that Netherlands does not get volunteers now?

      1. Hi Silvia I am Nurcemal in SAVEMYBABIES DUTCH PEOPLE ARE THE MOST BELOVED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.No mistake and some body does not recognize can understand it by living in delph in university town in NL AMEN

  2. we are a small reality from India working at present through our educational program having a school where we often organize health camps and environment camps as well. We are new here but we require volunteers for realizing our projects like women empowerment and health and hygine.
    Please let us know how can we have such future collaboration we assure our best cooperation.

    1. Hi FURKAN what a holy name ,you can participate my Project which will og on 15th 0f January to 15th of August ,FIND THE NOAH`s ARK ,at the ARARAT / AGRI MOUNTAINS ,No body has ever found it its all sweet lies,but under my leadership it will be reality ,Dont ask any one HELP manage yourself .

  3. Hey! My name is Taavi and I’m from Estonia, I’m 24 years old! Really motivated to work as a volunteer in any field mostly as I am up for a new challenge. My biggest dream would be to work in somewhere like Sweden, Ireland or the Netherlands , but everything interesting is cool !

  4. Hello , I am looking for long _term EVS projects in Poland.I have 4 year Volunteer work experience. If you have any offer , please contact me:

  5. Hello! I am looking for short-term (3 months) EVS projects this summer (July-September). I have a lot of experience in local volunteering in Poland. I’m studying nursing and I’m already a part of rescue service group whitch is part of National Red Cross Society in Poland. I’m open to various offers. If you have some, please contact me.

  6. Hello everyone. I’m Dasha from Belarus And I’m ready to spend 1 year (start September 2017) to learn smth new , be part of team which makes be world better. I’m green person I love our Earth and have active point of view to save and love what we received. I’m very interested in project which connects with environment, people who needs in help and etc. I will be happy to be useful for this mission. Let me know if you have free vacancy by email
    Best regards.

    1. Yet another last minute Unique EVS Opportunity has arisen!
      The ASHA Centre in partnership with Korogonas Ark – Κιβωτός Κορογώνα for their first ever EVS project! 8-month long-term volunteering in the South of Greece for a UK resident, fully sponsored by EU funding!
      If you’re aged 18-30, interested in a sustainable, community, working on the land, unity and healthy lifestyle, and fancy spending some time in Greece by the Mediterranean Sea, seize this call.

      Deadline is March 19 though, so APPLY TODAY.
      Please share with your UK friends

  7. My name is Philipp, I’m 18 years old, coming from Austria and I’m currently searching for a 10 month EVS-project in Spain, Norway or Finland.
    If you know of such a project, or are even hosting one yourself, please contact me under the following address:
    I already have a sending organization by the way, so setting everything up won’t take too long.

    Have a nice day!

  8. Hello.
    I write you Because i’d like to know it there are and evs project for turkish citizen.
    Best regards

  9. Hello,
    I’m writing you because I’d like to know it there are any Evs project for Turkish citizens in Dublin.
    Best regards


    1. Hi everybody, I am Erhan from Turkey. I am a tourism business student. I’m looking for an EVS in Central Europe, France or Spain. My interests are sociality, international affairs, youth projects. I speak intermediate level German and fluent English. I hope that writing here will be effective. 🙂 my e-mail: ay_erhan@hotmail.com

      Thank you in advance. Have a nice day.

  10. Hello, I’m looking for a short-term EVS during the summer (2 months), if there’s some organisation that is interested, please contacte me.
    I’m 20 years old. I’m from Spain and I would like to participe in some environmental project. I’m studying Biology and I love everything that is related with.

  11. Hello, my name is Kristina, I´m from Ukraine and I´m very interested in EVS to any Spanish-speaking country. I have experience in volunteering, working with children and adults, teaching.
    If there´s any offer, please contact me bgcta1@gmail.com

  12. Hello, I am Dicle from Turkey. I am studying English Language Teaching and I’m learning Spanish and French. I have experiences in volunteering, children and adult education. I am very active in my sociallife and adaptable to new places, people and cultures. I can work in any field. So if any offer, please contact me dicleekayaa@gmail.com

  13. Hello!
    I am Simona 19 years old. I am an active person from Lithuania 🙂 I have a driving license, I have attended dance club for 11 years, I good at table tennis, volleyball. So, I am sporty. I also speak fluent English. In addition, I have basic knowledge of Russian I am looking for EVS calls but I cant find the suitable one. I would like to participate in short term EVS (from 2 to 7 months) Tu cut a long story short, my email is simona.cirvinskaite@gmail.com and if any offer, please contact me.
    Best regards

  14. Hello,
    My name is Bojana and I am looking for getting EVS experience in Spain. I am from Serbia and I speak fluent English and intermediate level of Spanish. I have sending organization from Belgrade, by the way. Looking forward to be contacted through my e mail: b.nikolic89@gmail.com Saludos! Bojana

  15. Hi everybody, I am Erhan from Turkey. I am a tourism business student. I’m looking for an EVS in Central Europe, France or Spain. My interests are sociality, international affairs, youth projects. I speak intermediate level German and fluent English. I hope that writing here will be effective. 🙂 my e-mail: ay_erhan@hotmail.com

    Thank you in advance. Have a nice day.

  16. Hello. My names Aidan from Ireland and I’m a 28 years old. I’m looking for opportunities in southern and Eastern Europe to work with local community groups. I have a background in street performance and prop making, as well as radio and film making. Any suggestions?

  17. Hello.
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  18. Hello, i’m Nini from Georgia. I’m 22 years old and i’m looking for EVS long term projects. I have a volunteering experience in Poland. But it was a short term project. So now i really need to do something value and to gain great experience and new skills. For the EVS is a great chance so please let me know if there is something for Georgian girl, who is motivated to do something meaningful and value for people.
    With Warmest Regards.

  19. Hello, i’m Nini from Georgia. I’m 22 years old and i’m looking for EVS long term projects. I have a volunteering experience in Poland. But it was a short term project. So now i really need to do something value and to gain great experience and new skills. For me EVS is a great chance so please let me know if there is something for Georgian girl, who is motivated to do something meaningful and value for people.
    With Warmest Regards.

  20. Hi, I’m Mahdi from Morocco. I am 21 years old and I am looking for projects. I have voluntary experience in Morocco. But it was a short-term project. So now I really need to do something valuable and gain great experience and new skills. For me Eves is a great opportunity so let me know if there is something for a Moroccan young man, who is motivated to do something useful and valuable to people.

  21. Hi, i am looking for some project,better for shorter than 12 months,i am quite artistic,mostly musical,nature loving person

  22. One of the very important values accepted by most people and
    nations in the world today is the equality of all men. The idea presupposes that everyone
    is born equal and should be treated as such regardless of racial,
    ethnic, religious and cultural differences. The Nigerian Constitution, the Charters
    of the African Union (AU) and the United Nations Organisation (UNO) support this value.
    In fact, equality of persons is one of the very essential principles of democracy.

    Any government that respects democracy must highlight
    equality of all men in its Constitution.

    But despite constitutional provision for equality in our
    country, we are confronted with dangerous tendency of mutual distrust and manipulation of what divide us by powerful political and religious
    cum ethnic mongers. In truth, socio-economic cum political inequality is a reality in Nigeria.
    But in spite of various efforts to eradicate the problem as evidenced in the creation and
    proliferation of States, ethnic “arithmetic”,
    ethnic balancing, federal character, NYSC scheme, Federal Unity Colleges, various formulas for
    revenue allocation, the policy of WAZOBIA, relocation of
    federal capital, official and unofficial exhortations for national unity
    and interethnic tolerance and inter-faith groups, the problem still haunts us.

    It is important to understand that governments, leaders, or groups who manipulate the people have a reason for doing
    so. The reason is simple. Manipulators have something to hide.
    They want to cover the fact that they exist by exploiting and oppressing the people.

    So they pretend to be friends of some people.

    They pretend to be protecting the interests of groups to which they belong
    by race, ethnicity or religion while, in actual fact, they are only taking care of their selfish interests.

    By this manipulation, such governments and leaders want to
    break the unity of the entire people. They want to weaken the
    consciousness and opposition of the entire people to their bad government and bad leadership.

    Since independence, various selfish leaders have manipulated our people by placing emphasis on our
    artificial differences. For example, some have based their political campaigns
    on ethnicity, regionalism and religion. Today, religion has
    become a strong weapon used by selfish leaders to manipulate and divide
    the people. Their misuse of religion has led to riots and loss of lives and property.
    But while in office, their performances, ways of life
    and style of living belied their religious claims as they are more corrupt and perverted than Satan.

    This devilish manipulation of our people through ethnic, religious and sectional differences has caused a lot of harm to our nation. It breaks the unity of the people and turns their
    attention away from the urgent and real matters of public interest.
    Consequently, terrible leaders easily get away with their various acts of
    impunity. Furthermore, internal disunity caused by manipulation prevents the
    people from playing a more prominent role in the development of the country.

    It is time we recognized that the old saying, “unity is strength” remains valid.
    It is only in unity that we can win the war for economic
    development, social progress and political emancipation. It is when we are united that the war against
    insurgency and what actually prompted it can be successfully fought and won. Trading of
    blames by various leaders, to further deepen our
    division, is counter-productive.

    The Nigerian people must know that the poverty, ignorance
    and disease which oppress the working masses today, do not recognize ethnic, language, religious or regional differences.
    Hunger does not discern your ethnicity. So, whether you
    are Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Urhobo, Itsekiri, Longuda, Birom, Ogoja, Tiv, Gbagyi, Efik, Kanuri, Chip, Annang,
    Izon, Nupe, etc means nothing to poverty. Likewise, disease does not care
    about your religious affiliation. Neither does ignorance.
    Poverty, disease and ignorance attack primarily the
    masses. Therefore, the masses need to shun all artificial
    and counter- productive divisive tendencies. They would lead
    us to nowhere.

    The people should protect national unity and rise up against leaders who want to
    perpetually manipulate them for selfish gains. This is the time for our people to
    use religion and ethnic frontiers to promote national development
    and stability. The people should be educated about the importance of forming and joining popular associations, such as occupational and trade unions and clubs which cut across ethnic,
    language, religious and regional boundaries, so as to strengthen national identity and
    unity. We should not allow any exploiter, foreign or indigenous,
    to break this unity of experience and purpose.

    This is the time for individuals and organisations with influence and means to educate the masses on the imperative for national unity,
    harmony and cohesion. Of what use is a poor Fulani herdsman killing a poor Hausa/Yoruba/Igbo/Tiv farmer?
    Irrespective of how herculean it is, it is better today for leaders to agree on all areas that need restructuring
    in our polity before we approach another electioneering year.
    We have been fooled for too long. Now is the
    time to ‘shine’ our eyes and refused to be fooled again.

    As previously stated, irrespective of religion, ethnic and other such parochial divides, what every Nigerian wants is good governance that provides
    the basic needs of life. We don’t need all these unnecessary agitations over elemental differences that serve only
    the interests of our oppressors. For us to move forward
    as a nation, the masses need to realize that the political elite’s chief preoccupation is the advancement
    of parochial interests. It is only when such interests are being threatened that they resort to using the masses as canon fodders in their mischievous ploy to
    corner the commonwealth. The earlier the masses realize and reject
    this scheme, the better for our nation.

  23. Hi! I’m Andrea from Spain. I’m looking for any project starting in October minimum and finishing in June maximum. I am really motivated and willing to do some work this year! I’m a musician, artist and a good worker, and also 18. Please contact me if you have any offer: andreajumilla@gmail.com

  24. Hi!
    My name is Lorenz and I am a currently 18 year “young” student from Austria.
    I have a lot of experience in nature conservation and also online marketing and would be very happy do work at any project in any country for at least 10 months starting in July 2018.

    If you think I could benefit your project please send me an e-mail (lorenz.erni@gmail.com).

    I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon 🙂

    1. Hi Lorenz I send u mail but u didnt responsed are u with me or not.If u are willing to participate so enroll nunes and munks from all over the BE-NE-LUX countries and England and France too

  25. Hello! My name is Gabriele and I’m Lithuanian. I’m looking for an EVS project in Germany. I don’t speak German :/ (I’m learning it…) But I’m fluent in French and Spanish.. and English. I was working as a French and Spanish teacher for 2,5 years in France and Lithuania and now I’m an intern in a Lithuanian community school in Connecticut, USA. I’m looking for an EVS project in teaching, languages, culture, art, social activities or other similar fields. I would be able to start anytime from January 2018 and could be volunteering till September 2018! My e-mail is gabrielepetraityte@yahoo.com 🙂

  26. Hi! I’m Moritz, 18 year old from Austria. I’m Currently finishing my senior class at a secondary school with thematic priority in mechatronics, After graduating I would like to gain new experience and also explore different cultures so EVS looks like the best opportunity for me :).

    I would be very happy to work at any project in a Scandinavian country or in France for at least 10 months, starting anytime from August 2018.

    If your interested please send me an e-mail at moritz.brych@icloud.com. 🙂

  27. Hello it’s Ayberk from İzmir, Turkey. I’m looking for an evs Project or volunteering programme for short term for myself. Can you help me about this? I’d like to send my europass cv after all and contact on Skype as well. Kind regards.

  28. Hi! I’m Wieland, 17 years old, from Austria and currently finishing my senior class (I will be 18 when attending at an EVS). After school I want to do a voluntary work in Europe. My prefered countries are The Netherlands, UK, Skandinavia or Italy. I speak Italian, English and German.

    If you are interested please contact me on willischweizer5@gmail.com !

  29. Hi there, I am Shafag, from Baku, Azerbaijan. I am 22. I am looking for long term EVS project. Please, help me to find EVS call where Eastern Partnership countries can apply also.
    Thanks in advance,
    Shafag Fatullayeva

  30. Hi!, I am Davit, from Tbilsi, Georgia. I am 21. I am looking for EVS project. I want to do a voluntary work in Europe. My prefered countries are Germany, Austria or Switzeland
    speak English,Russian and German(not so good)
    Thanks in advance,
    Davit Kapanadze

  31. Hi!, I am Anzhelika, from Armenia. I am 23. I am looking for EVS project. I want to do a voluntary work in Europe. My prefered countries are Italy, Spain and France.
    I speak English,Russian.
    Thanks in advance,
    Anzhelika Zakaryan

  32. Hi!, I am Gjorgji, from Macedonia. I am 25. I am looking for short term EVS project in Europe. I just finished Social Work and Social Policy faculty and I want to explore a bit and gather experience. I speak English language. If you have something for me contact me.
    Thank you in advance,
    Sincerely, Gjorgji Zlatev

  33. I’m Katica Nišavić, 25 years old from Montenegro.
    I’m a graduate social worker who worked in Resource center for children and youth with special needs and I also have experience in working with autistic kids. Besides that, I am also a photographer with 7 years experience, a volunteer for almost my entire life and a huge traveler and nature addict. I am also creative, dinamic and open-minded person who loves meeting new people and learning abou new culture, language and people.

    If your interested to offer some interesting project please send me an e-mail at katicanisavic@yahoo.com

  34. Hi! I’m Elmira,21 years old from Azerbaijan. I’m looking for short term EVS project. I can speak 3 language (english, turkish and mothertongue-Azerbaijani). My future profession is teaching. Before l worked at International School of Azerbaijan, with children between 3-6 years old. So, l want to gain experience and learn new things by EVS.

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