EVS Volunteer needed for Centre for Social and Health Care – Latvia

EI reference: 2010-LV-17

The Centre for Social and Health Care is looking for 4 volunteers from European and Neighbouring countries. Centre hosts both elderly people and mentally disabled people. Some of the seniors are still socially very active. We have to pay more attention and care to the mental and physical health of some of our other residents but they all enjoy being involved in different types of activities we offer to them. Centre is also taking care of very sick and elderly pensioners. All of the people need a lot of attention and someone who will listen to them, as most of them have little or no family left and tend to get withdrawn. In this way, by helping them, we are able to integrate them into the social environment and local society. By taking care of them and helping them enjoy themselves and cope with emotions they encounter they are able to integrate into society.


Volunteers will be involved in the animation activities of the Centre, as leading some discussion, workshops or preparing celebrations, and will have especially the task to incite the most isolated people to be integrated with the group. They will be accompany with our staff and other residents; talking and listening to them, reading books, playing and organizing some games, going for walks, helping them to do shopping; talking to the people who are very ill especially those who cannot leave their bed or reading them the newspaper to keep them connected to the reality of the world they live in. They will also be in charge of organizing and developing new social and cultural activities inside and outside the centre: to help in the preparation of celebrations, to organize different activities as games, cultural events and visits, arts and craft, daily and evening out. Volunteers ideas and suggestions for improvements of daily life of our seniors, is welcome and expected, and it depends from volunteer’s previous experience. As a way for our residents to learn about other countries and traditions, another part of the volunteer’s job will be to make our residents discover their own culture, by organizing different kind of animations: exhibitions, special weeks (for example a taste week, traditional week), discussion groups, specific decoration, traditional cuisine from his/her country, language lessons. It’s also up to a volunteer/s if they want to organize different events according to the own skills: if they are a musician, some small concerts; if they are a visual artist some exhibitions of their own creations.


If you are interested please send us CV and Motivational letter (with explanation of your personal motivation for this placement and your skills and abilities that you would implement during your EVS) not later that 18th of January to pasauleathome@yahoo.co.uk  (subject EVS-Centre for Social and Health Care). We will inform you if you have been chosen for this placement till 22nd of January. Can’t wait to receive your applications and hope to see you in few months in Latvia! 🙂


Volunteers will have to show interest and sensibility towards old people and willingness to use and show empathy, integrity and to be considerable. All skills which can allow them to develop new animations in the Centre are welcomed. We hope they are ready to take creative duties and to be responsible and autonomous enough to propose, prepare and organize new activities and their own work according to these skills.

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