Looking for EVS volunteer – Fundacion Paideia Galiza – Spain

The Paideia Galiza foundation is a private not for profit entity established in 1986, declared by the regional government as of “interest for Galicia”. This institution is a as an open space to training, research and, in general, to a multi-dimensional and inter-disciplinary intervention in the field of Human and Social Sciences.
All this time, the institution has been consolidating and expanding through activities intended to contribute to their social and institutional frame’s, promoting a culture of participation and solidarity. From independent and plural positions, PAIDEIA attempts to harmonize the private initiatives with social demands.



The volunteer will be hosted and will work in the offices of Paideia Foundation in A Coruña. He/she will participate in different projects of Paideia Foundation, as agreed upon arrival to HO. Main tasks of the volunteer will be connected with active articipation in the EVS Department and European Project Department, supporting the mentioned team in the daily work. For example: -Introduce in the computer all data of people interested in EVS. -Prepare EVS seminars. -Call the candidates to make an appointment. Etc The volunteer will also join other departments, should such need occur. The volunteer can also collaborate in workshops for children, and also in courses for people with disabilities organized by Fundacion Paideia.


– At least basic Spanish. – Motivation enough to take part in the project. – Active, positive and outgoing. – Ready to collaborate in office tasks.


Please send to voluntariadoeuropeo@paideia.es your CV with picture and a project-related motivation letter explaining why you are interested in this project in particular, until 17th January.

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