Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Germany 12 months

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Germany
Contact person: EU Projekte
Organisation: Fairbund eV
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Deadline: 31/03/2013
Start: 01/10/2013
End: 30/09/2014

You would join the team of EU-projects of FAIRbund e.V. in Leipzig, Germany. Leipzig is a city of about 500.000 inhabitants in the east of Germany. It is small and nice to ride the bike from one end to the other end within half an hour. The team of EU-projects is consisting of Dörte the coordinator and Jakub from Poland and Andrea(w) from Hungary doing part-time jobs parallel to their studies. We are sitting at the main office of the association of FAIRbund e.V. were another 6 Germans are working for other projects, administration & PR. You work would be mostly administational work within the EU projects but also taking care for other foreign EVS or Leonardo interns coming to Leipzig. You have responsible tasks like handing out pocket money, going to the doctors with other young people and writing letters, E-Mails etc. We always need good ideas for promoting the projects and informing young people about the projects we offer. Because we are sending, hosting and receiving organisation with EVS and Leonardo da Vinci, we have a lot of work to do. From promoting, administrating and continously realising the projects. So In case you can imagine to do such a job, like to sit on a computer, but also taking care for people. Please apply! Please check out the description of our old EI – the new is not yet to see in the database but will be there soon:
-Administrational tasks within the EU-projects -taking care for Leonardo da Vinci interns from different EU-Countries – cultural events with the people -Databasework, letter writing, correspondence -information of young Germans about possibilities to do an EVS – presentation -Website with joomla – writing articles -organising youth encounteres -develop new project ideas
CV + Motivation letter to, skype interview, confirmation.