Vacancy for EVS volunteer in France 12 months

2010-FR-64 France. Marmande. One year EVS project: only for candidates who are sure to stay one year long involved in the project, able to live in rural area. Needed to apply: CV, motivation letter explaining why to be volunteer, expectation and wich offers to contribute in the project, and details contact of the sending organisation . Send them to the e-mails: 
French language needed.

More details:

Deadline for application: 20 April 2013

The voluntary youth will be included in one of the four educational teams after talking to him/ her about his/her project and affinities.
Added to the team of 4, his / her presence will be a freshness of mind opened to a new language and another culture.
He /she will take an active part in the daily life of the group, assisting each educationist and acting on his advices and under his responsibility. He / she will be able to lead specific actions according to his / her abilities, such as homework, sport, and manual activities or in an artistic, educational, musical aim.
The volunteer will able to initiate and set up a personnel project in concordance with the target group and the context he/she will belong in the project.
His/ her working hours will be ?35 weekly. This will leave him / her time for his/ her private and social life.
The volunteer will also work in the coordinating organisation during some hours in the week. This work will be based on youth information, meaning the work on information tools, punctual interventions (information days, mission Locale, schools, etc.) that is also a work on the visibility of the YiA program.
The volunteer has two free days a week according the weekly schedule. The volunteer has 2 holidays days a month, cumulated and organised in concertation with the hosting organisation.
Some languages courses are provided during the first two months as conversation and grammatical support lessons depending on necessity, these lessons will be individual ones or in group with the other volunteers, depending on their level.
The volunteer will take part in the arrival training and the mid term training organised by the National Agency.
We guarantee a secure hosting environment. The volunteer will benefit of an accompaniment that prevents crises risks and conflict resolution in particular. Accompaniment of his mentor that is exterior to his hosting structure, accompaniment of a project responsible, regular team meetings. The volunteer also has emergency numbers for major problems, such as national agency and regional correspondent.
Working with a target group in difficulties is a challenge for the volunteer. Added to the cultural shock, he or she will se him (her) self confronted to a target group with specific needs, which will ask for him (her) a big support to be able to understand these needs and to find tools to be able to answer to them in his (her) proper way, within his (her) competences. For this the hosting staff is prepared to support the volunteer in these constructive approach that will permit him (her) to the children and youngsters: propose a walk in town, go to the cinema, to the museum, do homework, prepare an exhibition: live the intercultural and find there tools to answer to the children’s need to share and give the volunteer the opportunity to live an intercultural experience very rich. To foster this, the team will encourage the volunteer by giving him (her) the human or material tools he (she) might need: to go with if necessary, to have at his disposal a car (if he (she) has the driving license of course) or give him (her) access to reduced prices like to the children for leisure in Marmande to foster cultural discovery in rural area.
We already hosted volunteers, and one of our objectives is to bring the group of children in the volunteers’ country: show them that distance, language, nationality, culture are not obstacles to an intercultural and profound relation. A follow-up is wished and answers to the children’s needs as to the request of the volunteer that is part of the local and cultural integrations process.