Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Latvia 9 months

Youth Open Centre JACis is looking for a motivated EVS volunteer
Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Latvia
Contact person: Jekaterina Moisejeva
Organisation: Youth open centre JACis
Location: Rēzekne, Latvia
Deadline: 30/03/2013
Start: 01/12/2013
End: 31/08/2014

Youth open centre “JACis” is the non-formal education organization financed by local municipality. Aims are:
” to develop and organize youth leisure time and non-formal education activities;
” to involve youth in the local and international youth projects;
” to develop tolerance, understanding and respect to other cultures;
” to provide necessary information about healthy life style, studies and work possibilities;
” to promote youth active participation in society and voluntary work;
” to support children/youth from social risk groups/ disadvantaged families and to organize activities to involve them in the group of coevals;
” to develop youth work in the city.
Centre are open for youngsters from 12 until 30 years old. They can use Internet, play table games and team games, pool, participate in youth projects and realize their own ideas. All activities are for free.
There are 2 full time youth workers and several local volunteers, who help to plan and organize activities for children/youngsters.

Youth Open Centre ”JACis” is looking for a motivated volunteer, who would like to take part in EVS project.

We are looking for volunteers who is interested in the target group (children/ youth) and in the development of activities in animation (culture, art, expression, sport activities, leisure time activities, etc.) As we work a lot with children from poor/disadvantaged families and anti-social families, volunteer should be open minded and able to face difficulties in the work. The volunteer should be at least 18 years old, given the fact that he/she will take part in working with under-18 years.
The volunteer will prepare and help the staff of the organization doing educational, procreative, sportive and leisure time activities to the children/youngsters. Volunteer will have a possibility to adapt himself in rural area, to learn new social competences and how to work in the team. In our centre we have sereveral activities which are already a tradition, for example, art-terapy workshops, photography exhibitions, “Popstreet” festival, where youngsters from all city schools make performances for a songs; Hip-hop music and dance festival in summer. As the organization is active in the programme “Youth in action”, than volunteers will also help in planning and organizing international activities. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to develop his/her own activities and realize new ideas. The stuff of the organization will provide all necessary help (materials, methods, etc.), but the volunteer must be autonomous to think and to prepare activities. There is the possibility to prepare activities related to themes like citizenship, European Union and Youth Programme to demonstrate to the youngsters in the Youth open centre and in the schools of the city. We are always open to new ideas and new practices as they can be used to our work in future.
The volunteers are chosen by the CV and the motivation letter, the experience of work with children and young people is always a good point for us. There are not any discrimination in sex, religion or race. Concerning to the sending organization we are open to collaborate with any one who feels interested and motivated to work with this project. The contact with the sending organization is important to us, because we can become partners in different projects and change new ideas.

Please send the CV and Motivation letter to