Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Spain – 7 months

  • Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Spain

  • Contact person: Katarzyna Bialkowska
  • Coordinating organisation: Asociación Ser Joven
  • Host: ONCE Cantabria:
  • Location: Santander (Cantabria), Spain
  • Deadline: 25/03/2013
  • Start: 01/03/2014
  • End: 30/09/2014
  • 3 Vacancies for volunteers, who will be involved in a volunteering project that is carried out by the organisation ONCE (National Organisation of the Blind in Spain)and support training activities for youth in the coordinating organization Ser Joven. Volunteers will basically help visually impaired people with administrative stuff, they will accompany them to participate in different activities, like trips, workshops, which are especially complicated for those people who are not autonomous. Volunteers will also accompany those visually impaired people to enable them to go out and have a walk and enjoy their SOCIAL life.
    Another part of the project is participating in various activities carried out by Ser Joven (the coordinating organisation)in Cantabria, non-formal education activities for children and youth, especially in summer, like for example: an International Work Camp, summer camps, youth exchanges…We also expect our volunteer to propose innitiatives to promote EVS and Youth in Action Programme in a creative way.Have a look at the blog of our EVS Volunteers:


1. Accompaniment to visually impaired people in order to help them in administrative tasks, like going to a bank, visiting a doctor, running errands and so on as well as helping them to participate in the activities organized by the ONCE organization (accompaniment from their houses to ONCE headquarters and viceversa and support in ONCE workshops: ceramics, theathre, book reading…, accompaniment during sightseeing excursions or hiking, accompaniment en to events, shows and celebrations…) 2. Carrying out voluntary activities for the Association with a special refference to the dissemination of Youth Programe and European awareness in educational centres with both youth and those who work with youth interested in the subject. Volunteers are expected to have their sense of iinitiative. 3. Participation non-formal education activities programme run by Ser Joven, helping group leaders and professional staff in the prepatation of the activities and the practical arrangements, like different workshops, night leasure activities (basically “La Noche es Joven”), summer camps…collaboration with other organizations like the Association of Blood Donours in Santander (campaigns raising awareness of the issue of blood donating).


Our volunteer should be flexible as the project consist of various activities with different target groups (elderly, young, disabled). Volunteer will not always work with youth. That will basically depend on the season and the number of activities carried out by the Asociación Ser Joven. Volunteer should be very motivated as the activities of acompaniment to the blind elderly might seem a bit routine… At least basic knowledge of Spanish and strong motivation to learn it is required!!!


Interested candidates should fill in the application form (available to download below) and send it to us until the 25 th MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  . We will fill in the info of the sending organization and forward your application to  The link to the info on the website:  of the hosting organization.

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