Vacancy for EVS volunteer in Poland, 12 months

Goleniów_COATheatre Brama (The Gate Theatre) Goleniow is hoping to host EVS volunteers in August 2013. The project will take place in the city of Goleniow and will last 12 months. We are currently looking for volunteers (young adults between the ages of 18-30) who are interested in doing a year of volunteer service in the field of Art & Culture. The project will assist the volunteer by introducing them to the possibilities of working with an alternative theatre and educational association – including planning and administrative work, researching, developing and creating performances, organising events and festivals, promotion, technical assistance, teaching and performing. Theatre Brama travels frequently to perform in festivals and teach workshops, an ideal volunteer to our organisation must have a flexible schedule and enjoy travelling.

We are additionally open to giving the volunteer the opportunity to realise their own ideas. We encourage volunteers to envision new events and create their theatrbramaown original work, either with the help of the Theatre Brama ensemble or independently.

As we frequently work with our local community, the volunteer will be encouraged to become an active citizen in our society. It will be an informal and inter-cultural education experience which will help the volunteer expand their self awareness and knowledge about cultural heritage, history, values, languages, interpersonal skills and dealing with people from different backgrounds. We are currently interested in volunteers that would like to begin their year of service on August 1st.

 About Teatr Brama

thetrbramaGate Theatre was established in 1996. Since then the theatre’s activities have involved thousands of people. Teatr Brama takes the lead in creating and developing alternative theatre in Poland and is heavily involved in promoting the arts and  theatre, education etc in countryside. The theatre’s influence can be seen in  the emergence of new, major theatre centres which are now established in Maszewo (Scream Theatre) and Stepnica (Theatre National Lampoon).

For additional information about Theatre Brama or to view video/audio clips/photos from our performances and concerts please visit our website

We are currently hosting two volunteers:
Frauke Gliemann from Germany
Here’s the link to her blog:
Alejandro Parages Martinez from Spain

thetrbrama music

Interested individuals should please send a CV and motivation letter with any additional information about themselves as well as skype contact details to . We encourage applicants to view videos of our performances and tell us specifically why you are interested in working with Teatr Brama.

We are a theatre that utilises music in our performances, so please state in your application if you play instruments, sing or have an interest in learning about music.