EVS vacancy in Bosnia&Herzegovina, 6 to 12 months

“Centre for Children, Youth and Family” Laktasi

Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are looking for volunteers that speaks basic english and have some experience with youngsters.

We hope to host volunteer for 12 months but for us is ok everything from 6 to 12 months.

“The Center for Children Youth and Family” Laktasi is the only NGO located in the municipality Laktaši whose target group are
children, youth and families. All the programs we develop are aimed at improving the position of target groups of the Association,
and as such we are recognized by Municipality Laktasi, which gives us financial support for the work of our Center. Centers
programs are mainly funded through project proposals, donations and contributions by our visitors and businessmen from
the municipal territory. The presence of foreign volunteers will greatly contribute to the work and further development of the

To EVS volunteers we are going to provide individual course for learnig local language to present them our culture, customs
and traditions, experience in working with children, young people and families, depending on the area of ​work for which EVS
volunteers are going to be interested in. We think taht the experience of living in another country provides an opportunity for
volunteers to get to know them self in a different social context, but also to gain new skills or improve existing ..

Administration Center s working days and hours are from Monday to Friday from 8 – 15h. But program activities are implemented
all 7 days per week on fixed schedule in all locations. Yoth Centre is working 7 days per week from 16 do 22 h. We plan to
arrange with volunteer depending on their interest that they will be engaged 6 hours peer day in location which they choose and
within programs that they can contribute or develope most. And working hours for volunteer will be arranged on mutal satisfaction.

In accordance with volunteers personal and professional competencies we plan to include volunteers in developing and creating
new programs taht are aimed towards art and culture as well as new programs of non-formal education for spending leisure time
– Promoting volunteerism and activism / we plan that volunteers are going to volunteer present methods of youth work and work of
youth centres, organizations form their countries. to present their earlier experince as EVS volunteer
– Conversational language courses/ EVS volunteer can work as a teacher in language courses
– Creative and recreational programs for children and youth
– Eduvating youngsters nthrough photography courses and different art and culture courses
– Also we plan to give volunteer an opportunity to develope new projects on a local and international level / write cycles of design
and management, foundrasing at local and international level.