EVS vancancy in Bulgaria, 8 months

EVS project in Bulgaria for 8 months (1st of may deadline)

“Friendship in box”

Dates and volunteers needed:
5th September 2013- 3rd May 2014 – 8 months, 2 EVS volunteers from EU countries
5th May 2014 – 30th December 2014 – 8 months, 2 EVS volunteers from EU countries

The project will give the involved volunteers opportunities to work together with our partner organizations as Daily care center for disabled children, Daily care center for elderly people number 3 in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. The initiatives will be focused on tolerance and differences between the generations and the changes of the way in which disabled people are perceived, and to make the image of these institutions more attractive.
The aim of the different activities with partners is to work together for children and older people through creating friendships.
The volunteers will know more for disabled children who live with their own families and the problems which they have, and the older people which don’t live with their families.
We will include the youth initiatives of the European Union to support more initiatives for disabled children and lonely old people through popularization of the activities with this kind of persons.
We will organize meetings with different experts in fields which the volunteers like and will make popular the project in the way which they prefer.
We will help the volunteers to develop their creative skills to collect and synthesize information by publishing a newsletter about the project.
The idea for the bulletin (newspaper) will be elaborated and carried out by the volunteers. That will give them possibility to create the design of the product which will show their responsibility for their own future. The volunteers will play the role of photographers, screenwriters, writers, artists, editors, and so on.
We will include in the project activities like making green space in the city and putting there information boards about EVS.

To apply please send CV and motivation letter to: mslavova@ydcma.org

Pls, when U write me the subject of the e-mail to be: “Friendship in box”