Vacancy for EVS volunteers in Spain

Organisation:  Asociacion Juvenil Abertal
Town:  Vigo
Country:  Spain
Contact:  Ms. Ariadna Navarro Liaño

The activities were conducted in two centres located in the city of Vigo.
Vigo has a population of nearly 300,000 inhabitants, although actually, daily living, working and studying in this city there are nearly half a million people, what makes it the largest city in Galicia.
The city of Vigo is located in the middle of the bay, which gives its name. The Bay of Vigo is the most southern of The Rias Baixas.

The activity of the volunteer would develop between two of the centres that Arela has in the city of Vigo:
The Center has the following human resources: An educator who also assumed the duties of director of the Center, and at least three teachers or educators. They exercise the function of technician in the execution of legal action in open environment.
– FAMILY HOUSE Arela – Bembrive:
The team is consisting of an educator who also assumed the duties of director of the Family House, and at least three teachers or educators. A part-time service person.

The volunteers can eat at the centre with the other users and shall receive an amount for the other meals, days off and vacations.
They will also receive a travel card to travel from his residence to the place of activities.
The volunteers will live and share a flat with other volunteers from coordinating organization (Abertal Youth Center) with their own room and they will share common spaces. The apartment is located in a central area of the city, where they will have all the necessary facilities and services.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

The activities that will be performed by the volunteer will be different in the House Family and ELCI; the volunteer never will be only in the activities in which it participate and always will be accompanied of a responsible person.
The proposal Arela offers the volunteer is:
– Collaborate in the tutoring for beneficiaries of the Centre.
– Collaborate in the design and support in leisure activities.
– Collaborate in the design and development of the activities about presentation of country and culture of origin of the volunteer.
– Proposal of other initiatives of volunteer.
– Collaborate and participation in the organization of workshops that develop in the ICMSF (road safety education, health education, social skills, …) following the guidelines that the Center’s Education Team will mark.

– Support to the responsible in the monitoring and supervision of children and adolescents, who live there, in carrying out their daily tasks: study, leisure, personal hygiene, cleaning and care of the House Family …
* Due to the characteristics of the center and the importance for Arela a experiential learning and modeling will be given, this task usually includes specific tasks like eating or brushing your teeth with children and adolescents. Moreover, since the age of attention is from 0 years, may also include giving the food, changing diapers or shower and dressing up the children who because of their age or condition can not do it by themselves.
– Collaborate in the design (with the Education Team) and conducting weekly a cultural exchange with children and adolescents: preparation of traditional food, dances and songs, basic knowledge of different languages, photography, …
– Participation in various tours to significant places in Galicia: children and adolescents prepare with educators and volunteer a trip as a mean for everybody to learn about the social and natural environment.

The proposed schedule will be from 13 to 19h on the following basis, with two days off per week:
• Saturday will be reserved for conducting tours, because of being no school day. This schedule will be repeated periodically so that the volunteer could rest on Sunday in every week and once in three weeks on Saturday (in weeks when the volunteer comes to the Family House on Saturday, day off will be in the following Monday).
• The volunteer will attend CIEMA on Tuesdays and Thursdays because these days several workshops for teens and young adults are organized .

The volunteer work will take place throughout the project in two centers, so that the volunteer will have a wide range of activities and collaboration in the entity, thus he/she will be able to contribute and enrich in a better form.
Three days a week, the volunteer will attend to the Official Language School to Spanish language classes, that will be in the months of the course, for 4.5 hours per week.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:

We do not have any specific profile in the choice of volunteers, although we have to put some criteria to do it in the most equitable and transparent way.
The level of education and language skills are not important.
The profile of the european volunteer we need in Arela must have the following skills and attitudes:
– Relationship skills and teamwork.
– Emotional balance and psychological maturity.
– Identification with the mission and values of Arela.
– Confidentiality and discretion.
Also the training and experience in leisure-time activities with children and youth are valued, but above all the volunteer should have an experience as a volunteer in his / her country of origin.

The selection process will consist of:
– An initial selection of curriculums received by e-mail and through the page of Youth networks, by coordinating entity.
– Once we select those who most fit the profile we seek, the coordinating entity will make us to continue this selection and from this moment we will decide to which candidates send a form to fill, to tell us a bit more about themselves, their motivations and also one part that the sending organization fills , that in our opinion is important they do a good preparation and monitoring of their volunteers.
– After receiving the forms, we select the most appropriate to the activities of the association and the profile and thus we establish a day to talk by phone and exchange other information, details that the person would like to know and etc.
– Finally, we will make decision about the candidate who is the most appropriate and of course the rest that have not been selected will be informed.

If you are interested in this EVS please send the attached form, filled, as soon as possible (but before 26 May 2013) at . Formulario selecci- ˘Ăłn de voluntarios