Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Poland

  • Contact person: AnnaSophia Pappai
  • Coordinating organisation: Stowarzyszenie ANAWOJ
  • Host: Special Educational School Centre Waldemar Kikolski in Bialystok:
  • Location: Białystok, Poland
  • Deadline: 21/04/2013
  • Start: 01/09/2013
  • End: 30/06/2014
  • The Special Educational School Centre Waldemar Kikolski in Bialystok, is a public educational school for mentally handicapped at different levels: light, moderate, severe and profound. The educational Centre has a jurisdiction of the Podlaski Void ship.The headquarters is located in Bialystok, at number 40 Antoniuk Fabryczny Street in the former boarding school, which is modernised and adapted for the invalid and retarded. At the moment adapting the Centre involves huge financial investments. The Educational Control is done by the State Educational Control Board.
    The Educational Center for retarded receives children with special education needs and possesses a certificate of retardation and permission from the city council of Bialystok. At the moment there are 132 handicapped children, 15 of these children (with profound level of mental handicap) are attending daily. The aim of the center is to prepare these mentally handicapped children to integration with society and the ability to act self-efficient.
    Our school realizes many interesting projects, for instance: sport projects (football, athletics, …), cultural projects (theatre, painting, ceramics, …).
    More information find here:


The Special Educational Center wants to offer the volunteers a variety and balance in different tasks, which is not that difficult because of the different projects in the organization. Volunteer will start with a short introduction period after which he/she can make a choice which project he/she prefers to focus on. The project will challenge the volunteer to take part in different activities during his/her volunteering period. The volunteer will get a lot of guidance in the beginning from the contact person and help from other volunteers in getting acquainted with the town and other young people living here. Depending on the volunteer he/she will get more responsibilities after the introduction period. Working with mentally handicapped children is challenging, but demanding. So the project will keep the close watch on that the volunteer is able to cope with these demands. List of tasks of the volunteer: the volunteer will have a basic responsibility to assist the teacher. The volunteer will join the tasks, which encourage the students to grow emotionally, mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. To give you an idea of the volunteer’s duties we mention here different sorts during the whole project: Assist/ conduct in social/ recreational programs for the students: at the boarding school: helping students doing their homework, doing crafts, watching movies together, playing games, quizzes, organizing common meetings like teatime, birthday parties, going out, taking part of different evening activities etc. Assist student to eat, individual project –working with 3 Associations, which work for handicapped children. Because children with special needs often feel themselves isolated and lonely, as one of our goals it could be good idea to look for an opportunity to bring different children together and working as the teacher’s assistant at school.


Motivation to work with mentally handicapped people.


Send us your CV and motivation letter latest till 21.04.2013 to following email-address: . Selection will be made by school and we will inform selected candidate until 24th April 2013.