EVS Vacancy in approved project in Bulgaria

Sdrujenie “Nadejda-CRD” is a non-governmental organization from Sofia, Bulgaria which has an approved project on Action 2: European Voluntary Service (EVS) project on Youth In Action Programme, called “THRACIAN HERITAGE”.

CADDRU, Romania,  is one of the partners in the project and we are looking forward to you application for this project till 12 of July. (Only Romanians)

The topic of the archaeological project is the ancient Thracian cultural heritage. The project will take place in four significant archaeological sites – “Sboryanovo” reserve, emporion Pistirus in Vetren (near Pazardzhik), an area in Velingrad called ‘Sveti Iliya’ and Ahtopol. The duration of the project will be totally 15 months.
The first session of the project will start on 10th August 2013 and will continue for 1 month on the territory of “Sboryanovo” archaeological reserve. There will be continued the exploration of the Big Sveshtari tumulus, where in 2012 a chest full of golden objects was found. The data acquired through geophysical examination shows that there is still a tomb to be uncovered and new exciting findings are yet to be made.
The second session will be held on emporion Pistirus I Vetren village, near Septemvri town, Pazardzik region. It will last 1 month – starting 10th August until 10th September 2013.
During the third session of the project volunteers will excavate in the antique part of Ahtopol, a town at the seaside, starting from 15th June till 15th July 2014. After the work in Ahtopol finishes, excavations will continue in August in the Western Rhodopi mountains – the birthplace of the mythical musician Orpheus. The focus of the excavations there will be a Thracian sacred place. It will last from 16th July till 15th August 2014.
In the period between the two stages of fieldwork there will be preparatory activities.
The activities for volunteers will include: fieldwork with professional archaeologists (digging, object cleaning, map developing, geophysical measurements, photography) historical restorations (Thracian feast, games, rituals, clothes, etc) educational visits to places related to the Thracian history drawing and describing archaeological findings getting to know the ancient customs of the local people reconstructions keeping an inventory and archaeological records thematic lectures and presentations cultural nights with presentations of each country; introduction of participants, countries and their most important archaeological discoveries camping (at the seaside or in the mountain)

The participants will be accommodated in small family hotels in Sveshtari village (in Sboryanovo archaeological reserve), in Vetren or Septemvri, in Ahtopol and in Velingrad, near the sites where the activities will take place.
The YIA grant will cover all the accomodation costs, food and internal transportation. The programme will cover 90% of travel costs for the participants. The pocket money grant is 65 euro per month.

Aplicati pana pe 12 iulie 2013, la adresa caddru.ngo@gmail.com, cu formularul atasat completat.  EVS Thracian Heritage Application form. Mentionati  in subiectul mailului “Aplicatie EVS Thracian Heritage”.

In cazul in care va incadrati ca tineri “with fewer opportunities” mai puteti participa ulterior si la un EVS de lunga durata (pana la 11 luni). (printre altele si dificultati economice, venit minim pe economie, somer, etc.). Detalii http://www.salto-youth.net/rc/inclusion/inclusionfornas/inclusionstrategy/inclusiondefinition/

Mai multe detalii despre proiect si organizatia de gazduire in documentul atasat EVS – Thracian Heritage – Invitaion & Description

Informatiile despre organizatia de trimitere se gasesc pe https://goevs.wordpress.com/despre-organizatia-de-trimitere/. Informatiile care nu se regasesc acolo le vom completa noi dupa ce primim aplicatia ta.

CADDRU asigura pregatire inainte de plecare.