EVS in Presov, Slovakia. February – December 2014, 3 – 6 months stay.

Barlicka is looking for 2-4 volunteers for day care center for young people with handicap and/or day care center for seniors in Presov, Slovakia.

Activity date: February – December 2014, 3 – 6 months stay. 

The tasks for each volunteer will be adjusted to his/her personal abilities and needs. We expect EVS volunteers to support and help in the every day work of the center, including help:
– in the workshop, during the lessons, with the activities of our theatre, playing games and sports with the young people with handicap, 
– take part in the workshops, join the trips, excursions and helping with the general functioning of the center.

If you are interested please send your CV or more questions to barlicka.evs@gmail.com  until 8 September. More info also at: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=68000298350

PROJECT ENVIRONMENT:Our centre is located in PreA!ov, eastern Slovakia, having approx. 100 ths. inhabitants.The neighboring city of Kosice is 34 kilometers (21 mi) to the south, having 250 ths inhabitants.PreA!ov lies in the north temperate zone and has a continental climate with four distinct seasons. It is characterized by a significant variation between hot summers and cold, snowy winters. The city is a showcase of Baroque, Rococo and Gothic architecture. In the historical center, the main street is lined with churches and other buildings built in these styles. In the suburbs, however, the socialistic influence is clearly evident through the concrete apartment buildingsof.
Our centre is using the building which is located in one of the neighborhoods of Presov, surrounded by beautiful garden within an elementary school complex. Part of the building is dedicated for accommodation of volunteers. Although personnel is present 24/7 in the centre, employees do not live there, thus the volunteers are able to organize their leisure time by themselves. We apply strict no drugs and no alcohol in the centre policy.
In respect of the leisure time, the neighborhood is well equipped: Bike paths, swimming pool, horseriding, soccer clubs, bowling are available. Areas surrounding Presov are marked with the touristic tracks leading to the points of interest: Castles, mineral springs, forest areas.
Social and night life of Presov is more situated in the center of the town (15 min. walk), where numerous pubs, clubs and food places can be found. Students of two universities in Presov provide enough partners for social chitchat. Our cooperation with the university and local highschools provide possibility to meet and get to know these young people.


Learning opportunities:
The volunteer will be responsible for respective part of activities, thus, learning how to manage himself and others. He/she will be will be able to learn how to plan, budget and manage activities. He/she will be able to learn how to work with people with special needs.

He/she will be able to learn how to motivate the people and how to attract them to activities. He/she will be able to learn how to structure the funding of the NGO operations in multi-source way so its opearations will not be too vulnarable.

The volunteer will be able to get to know Slovakia, Slovak people and culture by informal learning of day-to-day activities. By living in foreign country, the volunteer will be able to learn how to adapt to new situations and enviroment.

Home and Activities of the Volunteer:

Generally, we are looking for two types of volunteers. One without any specific knowledge or experience, which would help us with running the centre and organising the program and activities.

1) The EVS general volunteer’s role will be to provide additional support to the instructors and other staff at the centre, working closely with qualified staff who will provide support and supervision at all times. This will provide the opportunity for the EVS volunteer to share their own culture with children and young people staying at the centre, the centre staff and with the local community. This will bring a new, international dimension which will benefit everyone.

The tasks for each volunteer will be adjusted to his/her personal abilities and needs. We expect EVS volunteers to support and help in the every day work of the centre. This includes helping in the workshop, lessons, theatrical workshop, playing games and sports with the young people with handicap, to take part in the workshops, join the trips, excursions and helping by serving the food. The volunteers will assist the staff in the daily care (except the intime care with bathroom) and organise his/her own small project depending on his/her skills and ideas (e.g. music, handicraft, theatre, games etc). A further important aspect of the project is to give the volunteer the opportunity to put into the practice his/her ideas and to reflect upon this with experienced staff of our centre.

We would like to stress that none of the tasks can be seen as employment substitution, moreover we would like to stress the importance of giving ideas, taking initiatives by the volunteer. The host and the coordinating organization is open for new ideas and support the initiatives. Our main aims are the introduction of new activities taken by the volunteers for the daily life, the promotion and contact with new cultures, especially from the volunteer origin, moreover to develop the artistic abilities and other abilities of young people and to help the teachers and instructors in their activities.

The mentor and the youth advisor will give volunteers high standard personal support. We would like also to develop the volunteers’ responsibility, creativity, knowledge, and skills and to help them to be prepared if they wish to work in this field. They will also be able to gain more self-esteem and compassion through creative work.

2) We would also like to host specific volunteers covering the areas of marketing, product management, graphic design, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and/or special pedagogy as well as other specific areas which could pop up. We expect the volunteer to be more independent in these areas as our experience is limited here. Therefore, the volunteer needs to have at least limited experience with the subject matter.

8:00 Clients Arrival Help to the clients, wellcome
8:30 Activities start Set up of the activities: room and equippment
9:00 Activities Help with the activities: protected workshop activities, School assistant,
11:00 Walk Help with the wheelchairs
11:30 Lunch Break (potentially time for Slovak lessons)
12:30 Afternoon relax Break (potentially time for Slovak lessons)
13:30 Afternoon activities Help with the activities: protected workshop activities, School assistant, Choir, Theatre activities, Basic language courses for the clients
15:30 Clients departure Help to the clients, walk to the bus stop, dressing
16:00 End of our day

The volunteers will work every day (Monday to Friday) from 8:30 to 15:30, with 2 hours break during the lunchtime. If it’s needed sometimes their working time will be extended but in these cases they will take day off by arrangement. During the voluntary service the volunteers have two days of vacation for each month spent with our Association and the Saturdays and Sundays are free as well. We will be glad to agree on special arrangements as well (e.g. taking 7 days vacation in raw for traveling etc.)

In respect of the other projects and activities of the volunteer, sky is the limit. We have several projects in mind and also welcome any initiative from the volunteer. We will be glad to provide all the support and knowledge needed. We also co-work with several organisations in Presov as well as region of Presov. We will be glad to introduce the volunteer to our contacts and enable him/her to take part in other activities as well.

The volunteers have the possibility to take the lunch in the centre as well as cook for themselves in the kitchenetter next to his/her room.


We would be glad to host the volunteers with no limits as to nationality or sex of the volunteer. We would preferer to host a volunteer in the age of 18-26 years to best fit our organisation full of young people.

The recrutiment process will start with advertisement of the opening, using the EVS database. Potential candidates can find Barlicka and our projects there. In addition, we also intend to extend our collaboration with partners, who can also use their local network, web database/website and personal contacts.

From the offerts and CVs obtained a preselection will be made by our partners. A conference call will be held with the most successful candidates before the final decision is taken. In the call it is a good opportunity to talk about both our and the candidate’s expectations to an EVS project, learn more about the project and each other and ask questions.

No specific skills are required for general volunteeers, but basic oral proficiency in English is needed to cope with the service-orientated functions. Different countries of origin is also a decissive factor.

Collaboration with any organization is possible, though we especially welcome those working with leisure, youth, handicapped, cooperation development programs and European programs.


We have two rooms ready for the volunteers so we could host 4 volunteers. To ensure their privacy we intend to host 2 males and 2 females. In practice, we expect to host 2 volunteers in one moment so we could provide single rooms .


The town of Presov does not have serious problems with criminality and by applying common sense one should not have any problems with being safe. The building of the centre is in a nice neighborhood with families and seniors living there. The building itself is protected by electronic system, which will bring security monitoring service being on place within few minutes (as tested during false alarms caused by birds hitting the window 🙂 ).

We obey to all the safe working employment rules and our work injuries rate is minimal. This is only stronger because many of our co-workers have special needs.

In addition, Slovak personnel of the centre is in the building 24/7 so there is always someone to deal with any crisis or risks. Usually at least basic English is spoken by our employees. In addition, there is also always another person being reachable on the phone. Volunteers will have their rooms in separate part of the building, able to lock it.

We do not plan to host EVS volunteers under age of 18.

As part of the risk prevention program we plan to introduce a Welcome Week program, during which volunteer will get information about all the aspects of our work, co-workers as well as our clients. In addition, the volunteer will get training in respect of the wheelchair and the rules how to operate it. The volunteers will never work with our clients alone so the continuous support and supervision will be also ensured after the initial training.

Motivation and EVS experience

After years of active service to children and young people with handicap we believe we have enough experience and knowledge to share with young people. We also believe co-working with people with handicap provides young people a new experience and helps to understand the specific needs these people have. This way we are fulfilling our mission to work on the change of majority’s attitude by enabling young people to participate.
In addition, we think we will be able to learn from people coming from other countries as they are able to bring new perspective on our work. As handicapped people are not able to travel too much, this way we are trying to bring Europe closer to them.

Description of the organisation

Civil Association (CA) Barlicka has worked with mentally and physically challenged children and young people and their families in Presov, Slovakia since its establishment in 1999.During the years, we established school, leisure-time centre and work-centre for the people with handicap as well as a senior centre. We have been working hard to provide young people with special needs with services aimed at developing their skills and knowledge in order to enable them to live as independently as possible for them. We reconstructed separate building so it would be wheelchair accessible. As we grew, we added additional part to the building. At the moment we have up to 30 employees out of which around 20 have some kind of special needs and work in our two protected workshops.

You can get familiar with our work at http://barlicka.com/. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our external relations volunteer and EVS project coordinator at lukas.kvokacka@gmail.com