Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Czech Republic – 12 months

  • Contact person: Ivana Sajbanova
  • Coordinating organisation: Obcanske sdruzeni AVE
  • Location: Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic
  • Deadline: 20/05/2014
  • Start: 01/07/2014
  • End: 30/06/2015
  • OS AVE has a few areas of realization. The most important for EDS would be STREP the free-time low-threshold activity center for children and youth threatened by social exclusion, which has opened in 2000.
    We provide meaningful activities for children and youth (6 to 26 years of age, average daily attendance is about 20 clients – it depends on a season, weather and other factors; daily attendance is usually higher during the summer holidays, then we have about 35 clients per day). We focus on art, sports, craft work and educational programs. Many of our clients are from ethnic minorities. Due to the threat of social and economic exclusion of these children and youth, we also provide psychological and social counseling for our clients and their families.

The main focus of volunteer program will be mainly at the free time activity centre for children and youth threatened by social exclusion STREP in Cesky Tesin. It will include active assistance with setting up and organizing the activities,for example art (ceramics, painting, mosaics, collages), sport (football, biking, floorball..) and other (pc, billiards, board games). The volunteer as an assistant of our team would be able to learn a lot of new skills in a field of art (different art techniques, our culture and traditions) and in sports, they’ll gain new work habits, and gain an experience while working with children on a day to day basis. We will support them in their independent projects in Strep.
The open hours of STREP are usually in the afternoon and evening hours during the work days (the updated version of open hours is always available to view at our website (, occasionally (about 4 times a year) we organize some outdoor activities – we spent several days in the countryside (hiking, visiting some places of interest).
As another option or self-realisation we offer the possibility to participate during language lessons (English, German) for children 3 to 10 years of age at the free-time language centre Fabule.
Our volunteers are accommodated in the private flat – each volunteer has their own room, they share kitchen and bathroom. We plan to have 2 volunteers. More information in our IE:


We’d like to work with volunteers that are interested in our line of work that is working with kids and young people, helping them to fill their free time with organised meaningful activities, having social conscience. If the volunteer has had some experience in working with children, that would certainly be a plus, however it is not our requirement. We would be very happy if the volunteers were open to all offered options, and if they were willing to use their imagination and put their own ideas to work so everyone could profit from them. It is also important that the volunteers would be prepared to spend a long time in a foreign country, and to be willing to adapt to our local conditions – with our full support. We preparing to move to newly built premises in autumn 2014 – that´s why it could be helpfull for example to have some design education or other skills supporting the creation of interesting interior.


DO NOT APPLY VIA YOUTHNETWORKS!!! You have to send the email on After receiving CV and motivation letter with the offer the selection will have several steps – at first we will consider all offers received and suitable candidates will appeal to a request to add the required details. After we will contact them by skype or phone to discuss about expectations from both sides, we will be in contact with the sending organization. All requirements will be consistently taken into account and by mutual agreement, proceed to the organization itself EVS. We would like to make a quality and pleasant cooperation.


DO NOT APPLY VIA YOUTHNETWORKS!!! You have to send the email on   . The volunteer´s motivation for working in our facility will be important aspect for us when we will search our volunteer. We expect responsibility, tolerance and willingness to work in our area. We will also ensure that the sending association and volunteers share the values that are important to OS AVE.