Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Italy, 12 months

  • Coordinating organisation: Misericordia di Firenze
  • Location: Florence, Italy
  • Deadline: 15/09/2013
  • Start: 03/2014
  • End: 02/2015

The Mosaici Project 2014 will take place for the 2nd time in Florence in the Head Office of Misericordia di Firenze and in its branches, ambulatories, rest homes and disability centers. All the structures are situated in different areas of the city except for Villa Alessandro, a ‘Disabled Center’ ina suburban area between Florence and Prato.
It will run from March 2014 to February 2015, there will be six Volunteers from European countries.
Volunteers will be closely followed by our staff although they will be free to contribute with their personality, ideas and personal competence.

The volunteers will be involved in the following tasks: Health and social transport, welcoming services: Activities: Escort service of sick, elderly and disabled people; Drawing up documentation; Assistance and reassuring of the user’s relatives At the consulting rooms, volunteers will welcome the users giving information and helping the staff in their daily work, these structures are situated inside the branches of the Association. Personal care: Reading books or newspapers for some hours a day; Little errands, shopping, small payments in public offices, etc.; Phone assistance; Escort service for walks, company to overcome loneliness and social isolation. Activities in Disability Centers and Rest Homes: Company and animation during the day and for vacations, holidays and recreational events; Staging of performances, assistance/teaching at the computer labs; Listening and communication with the guests and especially with their families; Cooking Labs, Craft Labs, Drawing, Photography, etc.;Volunteers will follow a course on how to interact with disabled people; Solidarity markets organized at Christmas and Easter and sometimes for special events during the year and Food Aid. Besides the volunteers are welcome on activities regarding Volunteering Promotion and European Awareness such as Design of information and illustrative materials, brochures, in English or in the language of the volunteers; the main topics will be: Voluntary Service, European awareness and young people; Drafting of the history of our Museum and promotion of it; the welcoming of groups who want to visit Misericordia and the Museum, in English or in their own language. Contacting Schools, Volunteer Organizations, in Italy and abroad, for affiliations and to promote free visits to our Museum; Promotion of the Volunteering World as a way to spend time with and for other people, especially for young people. Involving the young Volunteers of the Association in new activities. Each of these activities will be documented by written/audio/video materials; these will remain in the Association for the realization of “A Mosaic of Lore, Customs and Testimonies from Europe” for subsequent EVS volunteers, for our volunteers, Florentine citizens and for the many tourists who visit Florence. For more information please have a look on EVS data base, Ei reference 2011-IT-150.


CV and a specific motivation letter sent to  and a filled Questionaire sent back by the Hosting Organization. After a pre-selection, it will follow a skype interview with various candidates.