Vacancy for EVS volunteer in Tunisia 9 months

  • Contact person: Zied Braham
  • Coordinating organisation: AJMEC
  • Host: AJMEC:
  • Location: Sousse, Tunisia
  • Deadline: 17/03/2014
  • Start: 01/04/2014
  • End: 31/12/2014
  • AJMEC is offering to host volunteers within the ERASMUS+ project. The volunteer must be from one of the 28 EU countries and aged between 18 and 30 y.o.
    We have no vacancies, you’ll have to look for a sending association,to write your own EVS project, and to submit it to your National Agency.
    We can help you writing you project with some of our previous volunteer applications.


We like you to feel comfortable with this experience so you have the choice of what’s about? When? And for how long? We don’t’ mind any proposal and we’ll discuss it together of course. We Offer you various activities: Social – Environmental – Cultural – Youth … Language clubs, Calligraphy, Culture Presentations, Excursions, Recycling activities, Sports, Theater, Plastic art, Hand Crafts, Mass Animation, Special Events … We offer you various opportunities: Kinder Garden, Children’s Clubs, Youth Hostels, Handicap Centers, Elderly Centers … And our wide network of local NGOs’ and associations.


Motivation & commitment 🙂 check our volunteers activities and projects on our Facebook pages “AJMEC” & “EVS Tunisia”. Our website: EVS section:


1- CV & Motivation letter 2- Skype meeting Please send your applications to  as soon as possible.


Themes: Art and culture, Environment, Heritage protection, Rural development, Equal opportunities, Anti-racism/xenophobia, Social exclusion (in general), Youth information, Youth leisure, Youth sports, Media and communications, Other
Targets: Youth and children, Elderly, Disabled people, Unemployed, Local Community, Other