20 Vacancies for EVS volunteers in Poland

Venue: Krakow, PolandSTRIM

Deadline: 5th of April 2014

We invite you to the following free places in our EVS group projects for 20 volunteers who will be working in different kindergartens, youth clubs and youths associations in Krakow.

The theme of the project is the development cooperation and European awareness by intercultural learning.

Objectives of our project is to give to European volunteers the possibility to develop their competences and skills through work in the Polish educational institution, to create an atmosphere of international cooperation in the host organizations and to create the opportunities for intercultural learning.

The description of the projects:

  1. Voivodeship Public Library (Art and culture, Media and communication/Youth information) 2011-PL-114 
  2. Kindergarten Number 38 (European awareness, art and culture) 2011-PL-3
  3. Culture Club – Mlodziezowy Dom Kultury Dom Harcerza (Disability, sport and outdoor activities ) 2012-PL-50
  4. Stowarzyszenie STRIM (Media and communication/Youth information, Development cooperation) 2010-PL-92
  5. Kindergarten Number 83 (Art and culture, Environment) 2010-PL-11
  6. kindergarten Number 121 ( Art and culture, disabilities) project is in the process of re-accreditation, description of the EI will be send to organizations interested.
  7. Daily care centre – school nb. 48 (Art and culture) project is in the process of re-accreditation, description of the EI will be send to organizations interested.
  8. Kindergarten Number 32 (European awareness, Children) 2012-PL-98
  9. Association of youth and children develompment ALF (Children, sport and outdoor activities) 2012-PL-83 ,

10. Kindergarten Number 79 (European awareness, Children)  2012-PL-69 ,

11. Uśmiech losu – (European awareness, Children) 2013-PL-54

12. Maria Konopnicka Kindergarten 176 (Children, Environment) 2012-PL-31

If you are really motivated to take part in our project please send us the Volunteers form and your CV before the 5th of April 2014 to the e-mail address strim@strim.org.pl

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to get some more information about the exact duration of the programmes. I can only see the application deadline but I cannot find the exact dates in the descriptions. How do I know when exactly the volunteering is needed and for how many months?


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