Vacancy for Spanish EVS volunteer in Ukraine – 10 months

EVS project: The art of volunteer art”
Number of vacancies: 1
Eligible countries: Spain
Place: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Duration: 10 months, starting from 7th of April, 2014 till 7th of February, 2015
Deadline for application: 16 March 2014
Description of the organization:
“SVIT-Ukraine” is a non-governmental non-profit organization, established in 2000. The aim of the organization is to support development of volunteer movement in Ukraine. The main activity of the organization is volunteer projects on environmental, social & cultural topics, educational (gender and human rights, combating racism and xenophobia), protecting historic and cultural heritage, projects with street and youth art, activities with disadvantaged children etc.
Since 2001, SVIT is cooperating with international network of voluntary service organizations Service Civil International (SCI). Since 2004 SVIT is a member of SCI. Every summer, SVIT is organizing 8-12 international volunteer projects (workcamps and youth exchanges) all over Ukraine with 80-100 participants from Europe and all over the world, and provides opportunity more than 150 young Ukrainians to join international volunteer projects in other countries. On local level, we organize different actions, festivals, volunteer activities, thematic clubs and other, most of these activities are initiated and realized by Kharkiv club of volunteers, which is one of the main directions of work of Kharkiv office of SVIT.
Information about the project:
Kharkiv as a big and student city, has always been famous for its special urban culture and atmosphere, with many possibilities for youth to explore modern culture and art, and even be part of it. Kharkiv is hosting many festivals of modern art, there are number of annual art events and projects. Volunteer will be involved in different projects and activities on the themes of culture, history and art, organized by SVIT and club of volunteers, assist local partner organizations in their work and projects, and realize own small scale activity or project on this topic.
Local partners include Kharkiv Municipal Art Gallery, Holocaust and Gender museums, Association of Graphic Designers “4th Block”, Cultural centers, etc. Since years SVIT also has established a good tradition of organizing projects with creative and educational component in Kharkiv (e.g. “Map of Europe” and “Myth Chernobyl” youth exchanges, international work-camps “I love Eco” and “Singing terraces”, actions of Volunteer club). SVIT also was participant and co-organizer of different festivals, among them “Ecochashka” festival of eco-films, “Trypilske kolo”, “Street art” festival, actions with art component. Such events are very popular among youth, allow to combine raising awareness activities with interactive approach, possibility to experience art and be creative, discuss about role and place of art in modern urban space, and how youth can contribute in creating modern urban space – linking it to active citizenship. Special component in this area is history, and activities aimed to remember and preserve local history and culture. Therefore this topic is one of the priority areas of SVIT.
The work tasks of the volunteers will include:
• Visiting local partner organizations and assisting them in their work
• Joint activities between partner organizations and Volunteer club, meetings and discussions, preparing joint activities, actions, festivals and their realization
• Development of personal project depends on the interest of the volunteer
• Assistance with other activities of SVIT, joining thematic discussion or language clubs in Kharkiv
• Work with schoolchildren on the topic of art and culture
Volunteer profile:
• Strong interest in following topics: culture, arts, history, and intercultural work
• Good communication skills
• Willing of learn and give ideas, taking active part in the projects
•  Artistic skills, skills in multimedia, graphic design and informatics would be useful
• Language skills in English are a must and skills in Russian would be really helpful for the day by day communication
Volunteer will work 30 hours per week. He/she will have two days off per week, and settled number of holidays – so if some work activities are happening during the week-end, additional free time will be given during the week. Additionally, national state holidays will be free. Volunteers will different types of working days, e.g. days with office work, including internet research, putting together info materials, preparing handouts for activities, answering emails etc. And there will be days with meetings or actions, seminars and trainings, excursions, activities with children or local community. The project provides diverse and balanced activities, as well as space for own input and initiative. Part of the work will be done in the office of SVIT, where volunteers will be able to use internet, make research for information and materials for activities, have meetings with local volunteers, prepare actions etc. Part of the work will take place outside of the office, with local partner organizations and institutions in Kharkiv and with club of volunteers.
Volunteer will have opportunity to learn local language. Lessons of Russian language could be organized in framework of language courses for foreigners or private lessons with teachers.
Volunteers will stay in the separate room in a guest family or an apartment depends on request of volunteer. Accommodation will be organized in safe neighborhood with good transport connection to the city center. Monthly food and transport money will be given according to local prices and location of the volunteers. Volunteers will get monthly budget depending on the day when the project has started.
How to apply:
Please send your motivation letter for this specific project together with CV to before 16th of March.
The project is organized with the support of Youth in Action Programme of the European Union