Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Latvia 12 months – only for German residents

  • Host Organisation: VIA e V
  • Location: Daugavpils , Latvia
  • Deadline: 28/03/2014
  • Start: 16/05/2014
  • End: 15/05/2015

The priorities of Society `ERFOLG` are cultural diversity relationship (national or ethnic minorities, who have the problems in integration into the language and cultural environment), respect cultural and ethnic diversity in Europe, fighting with stereotypes and xenophobia.

Our society is visited by people with different objectives, both children and adults, as well as elderly people. Each generation is offered activities appropriate to one`s goals. We are an educational centre, offering language courses, as well as a broad spectrum of other activities-we put much effort in youth work, so informative events often take place at our organization. We are inviting representatives of educational institutions, we`re doing presentations about possibilities of European Voluntary Service and we are arranging excursions to possible work places. We offer youth schools with different topics, often related to creativity or education. We arranged craft and painting schools, design and theatre workshops as well as various other activities that helped the participants to develop their skills, show their creativity and motivate them to use their skills to create something new. Furthermore, we focused on the educational sector: We arranged different job trainings, workshops concerning project management and youth schools. We want to give the young adults the possibility to contribute their skills to the society and get involved with youth work themselves. Through the last year organization has been coordinating several educational, cultural, integration projects for young people of Latvia.
With our educational programs and youth schools we support young people who need help in the future path of life, education and career choices. Also we try to promote the integration of the economically inactive population.


The volunteers will participate in various youth events, in realization, evaluation and development of the projects and programs-they will have to prepare and take part in the organization of the childish and youth schools, workshops (seminars, discussion clubs) and cultural events. They will help in coordination of exhibitions, concerts and performances: preparation, installation, maintenance, etc. The volunteer will also have to help in creating ideas for EU projects, help in creating advertisements (posters, leaflets, flyers etc) as well as do some office management. The volunteer will also have to participate in performances organized by the society, to help in the organization of the project events. The volunteer will have to help in working with children. The task of the volunteer also includes preparing some presentations-together with the other volunteers they will visit Daugavpils schools and universities to take part in the informative seminars on the possibilities of Voluntary Service for the young people, will participate in the language courses and discussion clubs as a native speaker of the language. Also they will offer his/her own ideas and consult young people about the Voluntary Service to create positive attitude towards non-formal education and voluntary service, will motivate young people to use their free time usefully. The range of the activities performed by the participants of our project, may differ according to the interests and wishes of them.


Candidates who apply have to be German citizens or their principle residence has to be in Germany. We would like to receive the volunteers which are interested at the educational (namely: they could be actual or former students of the pedagogical faculty, inexperienced or low experienced teachers, actual or former students of the faculty of intercultural relations, persons who have intention to gain experience in the certain spheres correlated to the interests of the society) and cultural spheres, regardless of nationality, geographical obstacles, cultural differences, health problems, religion or social obstacles. But it does not mean that we will not consider the other applicants as well. We hope to give the equal opportunities to every applicant.


If you are interested in this project, please send an e-mail with your CV (with photo), volunteer data and a concrete letter of motivation to as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information. We are looking forward to hear from you.