Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Netherlands 10 months

De Glind is a small, rather isolated village in the countryside. It has approx. 650 inhabitants, many of which are children and teenagers. De Glind has its own community centre with a café, sport & performance facilities and a meeting space for youngsters. De Glind itself does not have any shopping facilities. The nearest shops are in the towns of Barneveld (7.5 km) and Leusden (7 km). The volunteer can cycle to these towns or take a bus (only to Barneveld). The closest city is Amersfoort (14 km), which has a historical city centre and lots of leisure facilities (museums, sport clubs, theater etc.). De Glind and its beautiful surroundings offer lots of opportunities for cycling and walking. Because De Glind is quite isolated, the volunteer will live in a house with 4 other volunteers. They have their own bedroom and share the living room, kitchen and bathroom/toilet. The volunteer can walk or cycle to his/her workplace.


There are a number of placements for the volunteers where the volunteers can work at. There is a community centre, working with families where children needing support our placed, in a care home and other places


There will be a Skype interview for candidates who complete the application form


To apply please contact for information about applying