Vacancy for 2 EVS volunteers in approved project in Ukraine 10 and 12 months

  • Contact person: KIEC European Club  ukraina1
  • Coordinating organisation: Kremenchuk informativeelucidative center European Club
  • Host: Kremenchuk informative-elucidative center “European Club”:
  • Location: Kremenchuk, Ukraine
  • Deadline: 15/04/2014
  • Start: 25/04/2014
  • End: 24/04/2015
  • Kremenchuk informative-elucidative center “European Club” is situated in an industrial city. Most people work at plants and never were abroad. However a lot of people wish to communicate with foreigners. We initiated this project in order to activate local community and school euro clubs and to destroy the stereotypes about people from abroad. In this project we plan to involve 2 volunteers for long term service (10 & 12 months) from EU countries.
  • Volunteers will help KIEC “European Club” in our regular activities and current project. One of volunteers will be involved in work with school euroclubs for 12 months: she/he will make lectures and workshops in the schools about their own country (traditions, history, educational system, young peoples’ lifestyles) and the European Union. Another one will be involved in organizing of youth leisure in special project “Space of ideas”, PR of these events and promotion of their results with help of new media (it will be a service for 10 months).
    Both of them demonstrate opportunities of young people from regional towns and rural areas participation in different programs of EU, of teaching us the European methods through volunteering and for developing an opportunity of cooperation with EU countries, for establishing intercultural dialogue, solidarity, tolerance.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVolunteers will work with different generations. Besides that they will work in the office and help with current activities of European Club. The activities for EVS volunteers within the KIEC “European Club” are divided in the following way: 40%: work in the Centre – office work, help in preparing workshops dedicated to different youth topics and Euro integration, searching information on the Internet about Euro integration of Ukraine, accumulating and supporting information database of Kremenchuk Centre of European Information; – work on the organisation’s website (English version): write and edit news and articles, update pages, add pictures and presentations; – assisting in preparing events for Europe Days in Kremenchuk; – initiating new youth exchanges and preparing together with our members local seminars for youth, promoting YiA programme, – assisting in role games, non-formal education, presentations, workshops, movie evenings and meetings at “Space of ideas”; – planning personal activities in the Centre; – conducting Language Club for local youth and adults (2 hours twice a week); – assisting in realization and implementation of ongoing projects of the European Club; – assisting in preparation, promotion and realization International traveling festival of documentary films on human rights Docudays.UA in Kremenchuk. 40%: outside activities: – assisting in European Clubs in several Kremenchuk and Komsomolsk schools – giving lectures and workshops in the schools about their own countries (traditions, history, educational system, young people’s lifestyles) and the European Union; – assisting in presentations and meetings, youth exchanges preparation and helping in local youth exchanges projects, promoting YiA programme among teenagers from local high schools, working in non-formal education seminars etc.; 20%: personal development through communication with Ukrainian citizens and participation in trainings, seminars, workshops, excursions, language courses (Russian or Ukrainian), etc. Both volunteers work 30 hours per week, from Monday till Friday. As for the events at the weekend (no more than 2 times per month), free time will be moved to weekdays. The European Club is open from 10 till 21.


Only 18+ POLISH and other EU country. We expect applicants to send us their Motivation Letters together with their CVs. We do not have special demands to the applicants, but pay attention to their motivation, communication abilities and interest in the topic of our project. Preferably the applicants should have some experience of their own involvement in social initiatives and should be ready to spread European initiatives and values, support the idea of European integration and international cooperation, to share their culture and language and be interested in developing Ukrainian culture. It would be great if volunteers will have basic skills of Adobe Photoshop, because one of the tasks will be creating posters for events in “Space of ideas”. In case if volunteers don’t have these skills they must be ready to get them with our help.


Please send your Motivation Letters together with CVs at We will contact for online interview only selected candidates. In selection process also will partisipate sending organizations: from Germany – JugendLeben UG from Poland – “East-West Mutual Understanding” Social-Cultural Association – They will provide pre-departure training for selected volunteers. In case of some questions – u can also contact with them.


Themes: Art and culture, Youth information, Media and communications, European awareness
Targets: Youth and children, Unemployed, Local Community