24 Short term EVS vacancies in Poland – 2 months each

Project lengthPoland
05.07.2014 – 04.09.2014 8 volunteers for 2 months
5.01.2015 – 04.03.2015 8 volunteers for 2 months
05.07.2015 – 04.09.2015 8 volunteers for 2 months

Place: Leszno, Poland

Application deadline 15.03.2014

Tasks: (in all terms)
1) Leading worhshops for kids and youth during summer camp and on the daily room
2) Making students aware (by presentations, workshops, discussions, conversations, etc.) about various issues related to Europe and the specific countries where the volunteers come from:
3) Making the students aware of differences of various aspects of life in Poland and abroad by involving in international projects
4) Promoting the EVS

5) Activities aiming at developing young people’s personalities in terms of being independent, creative, enterprising both in social and cultural issues as well as those that refer to the environment protection:
– Cooperation in organizing and leading workshops on:
– education – young people’s rights, drugs, alcohol, crime, health
– Presentation and promotion of the local heritage;
– Culture activities (music, dance, artistic expression);
– The environment protection in a local and European dimension.
6) Helping the students to improve and widen their language skills:
– Give non-formal language lessons for the students that might be interested in it (either in English or in mother-tongue of the volunteer).
7) leading language club in the office of Fundacja CAT/ different groups for kids and adults/ – French, Russian, Spanish, german, English etc.
8) Sharing your skills and passions of the volunteer
– by leading clubs for example: cooking, dancing, craft, sport etc.
8) supporting CAT in organizing different events /Day of Europe, Board Games competitions, Youth Day etc)
9) Working on a daily room with kids 8-15 y.o

Practical information
We will provide the following facilities and logistics:
– Accommodation: Volunteer will live with others volunteers in the Center of Leszno in a House
– Office equipments: desks, computers, Wireless internet, Telephone, polish mobile number (office is located 2 min walk from the house and the town square)
– Training courses: we offer a lot of possibilities to participate in special workshops and training
– Polish language course
– Personal support – mentor, coordinator of work, coordinator of project.
– Pocket money – The volunteer will receive monthly pocket money on – 85euros
– Food allowances – The volunteer will receive monthly food allowance –95 euros
– Travel costs – will be reimbursed according the Erasmus+ rules http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/erasmus-plus/documents/erasmus-plus-programme-guide_en.pdf page 73

Profile of the EVS volunteers
 Speak good English
There can be communication problem if the volunteer doesn’t speak English well. This is the most important criterion and your English language capabilities might be checked if you are preselected to do EVS in Leszno. German speaking volunteer is more then welcome.
 Be enthusiastic and motivated
A long term EVS project needs motivated volunteers. Please show us in your application why you want to join the project and our oragnisation
 Want to share his/her knowledge
 Be proactive
We expect the volunteer to work with us to come up with clear goals and expectations and make the most from his/her time in the EVS. That also means personal involvement in improving own EVS program.
 Like the multimedia
Because those positions involves working with videos, photos and graphic design and other publications, it will be helpful if the volunteers like to work on multimedia.
 Like to moving
As those project you will meet different kids, youth and people you have to be ready for moving from one place to another

• For your transport you will receive a bike to move through the city. You will also use the trains and buses here . All the travels connected with the project are reimbursed.
• It is very wise to save some money before coming to Leszno. The pocket and food money is decent for EVS, but won’t leave you a lot of space to explore Poland. If you really want to enjoy your EVS, explore the country and meet up with other EVS volunteers in other cities we would highly recommend to have some other resources then the basic EVS allowances. The other fact for this advice is that your insurance on EVS is not paying for any healthcare in advance as long as you are not administered in the hospital. This means in practice that you have to pay in advance for your healthcare and have to wait weeks before AXA is reimbursing the money to your bank account.

How to apply

Please: send us your CV, Motivation letter and CREATIVE ORESENTATION ABOUT YOU who you are and how you can help with the project WHY WE SHOULD CHOOSE YOU!

In the title please put INTERACTIVE TRAIN TO COOLTURE AND term of activity for example 5.07-04.09.2014 To evs@fundacja-cat.pl.pl till 15.03.2014 midnight (we might finish the recruitment process earlier if we recive enough application – so if you are interested in – DON’T WAIT FOR THE LAST MOMENT!

We will contact ONLY the selected volunteers within max 10 days after the selection process takes place. There is possibility of skype interview also. You will know the exact result that the project is approved around May. Be aware that if the project is approved first costs can occour 17.06.2014

Full details about the project CALL FOR EUROPEAN VOLUNTEERS 2014


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