Vacancy for EVS volunteer in Lithuania

Social taxi LithuaniaNational Institute for Social Integration (Lithuania) is running several programs that deal with human rights and social integration. We are currently looking for EVS volunteers who would like to join one of our programs – Social taxi.

Social taxi is a transportation service for people with mobility disability that gives them a possibility to be more mobile in the city and to engage themselves into social activities. Social taxi is a car with a ramp for wheelchairs and an assisting driver, who has skills of a social worker and assists the person throughout the whole trip. Assistance includes: carrying clients belongings, helping overcome stairs, and other inftrastructure obstacles, etc. This service is very cheap – only ~1 EUR per ride from point A to point B, since the target group is of a low income and wouldn‘t have money for paying a regular taxis. Social taxi is booked via online booking system – each client has an account and can choose when one wants to travel somewhere. This is Social taxi FB page, where you can find photos from everyday

There is a plenty of things that an EVS volunteer could do in Social taxi:

– driving Social taxi.

– traveling together with Social taxi driver and helping people to go outside of their houses (which often includes carrying a person in a wheelchair downstairs or upstairs).

– capturing Social taxi everyday moments with a photo camera.

– asisting people with movement disabilities not only during the trip, but on everyday basis as well – helping them during shopping, keeping their company on a visit to some other destination, such as a doctor, public institution, a concert, a park, etc.

– looking for information about other similar organisations, giving suggestions for improving the service.

– contributing to the further development of project by sharing your ideas and analyzing how it could be implemented.

In case you are interested in engaging in Social taxi activities, please do not hesitate to contact me at We are looking for well motivated volunteers. A degree or experience in social work is an advantage. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Deadline for application 12 April 2014