EVS Vacancy in approved project in Spain – 8 months

SPAINLocation: Spain

Duration of service: 8 months

Start date: as soon as possible in April 2014

Application deadline: ASAP

Send your CV and motivation letter to evs @ aalba.cat as soon as possible.

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

• Our purpose at the time of hosting volunteers through the EVS program is to offer young people from the rest of Europe, the opportunity to meet an entity with a concrete reality, and the work of people with disabilities and discover the associative that the entity has.

For the entity assumes we have some people dedicated some time to work with the people we serve, in their free time. It allows us to have people who volunteer do their job and at the time are example for / the possible youth of our immediate surroundings
We think that in this sense can help guide some voluntary professional life.
In the course of our experience as host entity, we have found that has been very rewarding for the people we serve, the fact of having volunteers from other countries. People are still written with the first volunteers we ad. They have friends in other countries in Europe and to travel with them to their homes, as has occurred in some cases, is an unforgettable experience for people of ALBA Association.
The volunteers support will perform various professional teams and have the ability to make personal projects, which are addressed people from the institution and / or the youth of the city.
The tasks to be fulfilled at any time replace workplaces.
Volunteer activities can be and are very different. Basically it is supporting in various groups and activities of the association are basically tasks:
School: Children and young people, with special educational needs, des of 3-20 years. The volunteer work is basically accompanying pool groups, support groups in sport, and help at the time of school canteen. The job is basically to support professionals.
Occupational Center: This is a day center where we look at the people who are most affected, performing activities for personal development. Here your job is to: Provide support in the room, helping the team of teachers to work right habits. Accompany groups in the pool, in sports, and help with the daily work can be very different from the simple manipulation work to the space Occupational artistic development of this center.
Special Employment Centre: This will cater the people who are less affected and have a contract in the Association. With this group basically works once finish their working hours, or at leisure, where there are activities pool, sports, (football, basketball, table tennis, badminton), crafts, cooking classes, excursions and activities weekends. It is with this group that supports the initiative that may have volunteers who can develop a project to do with people in their leisure time, to develop their own capacities and initiatives. In this sense we have had very good experiences with volunteers who have received so far.
Residence: Some of the people attending the services listed above (workshop, school …) also live in one of the two residences of the entity. At times, the job is basically to support educators who work during the weekend. During periods of Easter, Christmas and summer, it is time that more help in this service.
As regards holidays and days off, volunteers have 2.5 days to leave per month and two days free per week. So, the project is for 9 month long. They have three weeks and two days.

It is noteworthy that all the tasks specified are spread between different volunteers who do their project in our partnership.

The total schedule hours of work during the week will be 30. Where are inclusding hours of language training, tutoring and meetings with different teams and coordinators.

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process:
Basic knowledge of Castilian and an interest in learning Catalonian. Some knowledge of the language is basic to facilitate communication with people with learning disabilities.
Willing to get involved with the association and the Project, with ability to work in a team.
With motivation for voluntary tasks, involvement in the association and, above all, a positive attitude.
Motivated to communicate and relate with people (educators and users).
With working capacity



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