EVS vancancy in approved project in Spain – 7 months

SPAINName of the project: Adding Experiences

Location: Alcorisa (Teruel) -SPAIN

Period: 07/04/2014 – 31/10/2014

Application deadline: 07/04/2014( ASAP)

Tasks of the volunteer:

-Sport and leisure time activities: energize, schedule and support in competitions, hiking, swimming summer or winter, lunch or dinner, nightlife, various workshops, Celebrations, birthdays everything according to the user’s personal iterests.

-Service of residence: Get know how looks the daily work in the residence and supports which Intellectual disabled people need to function as independently as possible: habits related to personal care (waking up, lying down, showers, meals …) home life (care of the sheets, set / clean the table, sweep the dinning room, go to the post office, other secretarial errands), personal relationships, etc.
-Occupational workshop service, day center and the Special Employment Centre: Get know and support in daily activities in mentioned services: as the work presented by users, supports they need to present the work, personal relationships with user, work habits, etc.
-Holiday program: The aim is to enjoy a week’s holiday in the snow, on the beach, mountains or internal tourism, according to the preferences and interests of the users. The activities are carried out always by own resources of the area where we are going: visits most tourist places in the area.
-Support in the promotion and awareness of volunteering in the town or towns in the province through dissemination of information, participation in workshops, lectures, mass media, etc.
-Participation in the International Work Camp “The Iberian Path Integration” of Kalathos Foundation. The International Work Camp “The Path Iberian Integration”, where 20 national and international volunteers come to Kalathos Youth Hostel to contribute their work by signaling a path adapted for people with intellectual disability. It also involves local youths and people with intellectual disability from Alcorisa and Andorra. The volunteers’ will support on the path as well as assist in the creation, management and revitalization of the planned activities in the field.

Description of the organization:

Kalathos Foundation (2012-ES-72) is a nonprofit organization which since 2002 contributes from its ethical commitment, with support and opportunities to every people with intellectual disability, developmental or at risk of social exclusion, could develop its project of life’s quality and to promote their inclusion as citizens with full rights in a society of justice and solidarity.
The activity is going to take place in Alcorisa (Teruel –Spain-), a town of 3.500 inhabitants, placed in the Region of the Low Aragon. They speak Spanish and there we can find several cultural services for leisure time and free time (public library, cinema, pubs, music school, house of culture.
Alcorisa is situated at 110 kilometres from Teruel, 120 kilometres from Zaragoza, 32 kilometres from Alcañiz and 285 kilometres from Barcelona.

Selection process:

– Curriculum Vitae
– Motivation letter

E-MAIL ADDRES CONTACT: mljosa@atadi.org; alberguealcorisa@yahoo.es

Theme: adult people with intellectual disability