EVS Vacancies for 4 volunteers in Austria – 11-12 months

Deadline for application: ASAP ( no later than 4 April 2014)  

 Caritas St. Isidor (2012-AT-10), start october, duration 12 months.

·         Diakoniewerk Gallneukirchen- looking for 3 volunteers

Learning opportunities:

The volunteers will have the opportunity to attend a German course. They will attend weekly internal course in social work and community service (Sep. – May) too.

Role of EVS volunteers:

The volunteers will primarily act as initiators of own ideas and abilities for the activities with the people but also in helping the people with dressing, shopping, cooking, going for walks, going to church, cleaning etc.. They will have the opportunity to introduce their country by cooking especially dishes or bringing in ideas. So the activities will depend from the volunteers too! Any idea is welcome!


Assisting in dressing, shopping, cleaning, planning of free time activities (playing, going for cinema, singing, special games, language course with people…)  of our clients etc. (see aims of the institution). For example the work hours will be 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. or 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. or from  12:00 a.m. to  8:30 p.m. The volunteers will work two weekends a month. The work the have to do depends on the time of the day. And volunteer should involve him-/herself for 100% as we want to realize your ideas and interests in the organisation!

·         Jugendhaus & Lehrlingsstiftung (2012-AT-3), start september/october, duration 11 months

 Tasks of the volunteer
The volunteer should participate in the different types of programme, team meetings, planning and preperation of events and he/she should take over self-responsibility. The working-field is very various and will be influenced by the interests of the volunteer.
The different tasks are:
– Team meeting, preparation and doing the advertisement of events, layout and content of flyers for youth events.
– Keeping the homepage updated and putting in the pictures of the last events.
– Support of young people when they are in the internet room in the K-Haus.
– Preparation of different youth activities (content and organisation) in sport, culture, creativity and education.
– Meeting and networking with different youth houses in the region.
The working will always be done and discussed in team, and be done by those who have interests and abilities in the different fields; and working differs always a little bit between group work and taking over some selfs responsibility.

Concernings the “Lehrlingsstiftung”-project the volunteer should participate in two evening-sessions of the “Wohnprojekt”, which means preparing the evening meal with the apprentices, joining the organization of the evening (having a cinema-visit, film evenings, playing games, playing street soccer, volleyball,…) and guaranteeing the fixed bed-times (for the apprentices).
The volunteer is also involved in the “Lehrlingsstiftung” (connected to the K-Haus, where apprentices live) were he/she is in contact with 25 young people.
The different tasks in the Lehrlingsstiftung start at 4 p. m. with a
– meeting with the workmates about what happened during the day. During the “kitchen service” the EVS must follow and help the two youngsters charched to prepare the tables and to take the meal from the mean kitchen downstairs. The same youngsters must clean the room aft…

Interested persons should fill in the attached form and send back quickest possible at susanne.rosmann@4yougend.at and tell me which project they are interested in. EFD_Application_4_seitige hosting