EVS vacancy in Latvia – 12 months

„In Touch with Europe” – EVS in Latvia from 01/09/2014

The Club „The House” – Youth for United Europe (2010-LV-43)

The Club “The House” is looking for two volunteers for European Voluntary Service project “In Touch with Europe” starting in September, 2014, until September, 2015. The main activities of the project are to inform and to educate young people about their opportunities to participate in different programmes and activities, as well to help them to see themselves as part of Europe.

Selection process:

Send your CV and motivational letter to contact:

Anna Lielpetere, anna@klubsmaja.lv ASAP and no later than 20 April 2014 ( a decision can be taken earlier, so send your application ASAP)


Additional information:

The Club “The House” – Youth for United Europe is a pro-European non-governmental youth organization. The mission of the organization is the promotion of the idea of United Europe and its values, based on the work of active, motivated and determined youth to reach those goals.

Our organization has an experience in hosting and sending EVS volunteers since December 1, 2006. During these years we have hosted 12 volunteers from different countries – Italy, Macedonia, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Georgia. Hosting EVS volunteers is a possibility to show in real life the realisation of European ideas. We are open for new ideas and new cultures, for learning and teaching.

The Club “The House” would like to host volunteers that are interested in European Union and youth exchange programs, that are open minded and willing to help The Club “The House” to promote the idea of the united Europe and its values, such as democracy, pluralism, tolerance and human rights. The maximum number of volunteers is two.

One of the most important tasks of The Club “The House” is to inform and to educate young people about their opportunities to participate in different programmes and activities, as well to help them to realize themselves as part of Europe. We believe that the best way how to show this is with a real example – a story from a person who has experienced some of the opportunities and who can share his experience and cultural background is better understandable than just a theory. For this reason we are planning to offer EVS volunteers to share their experience and point of view with other young people in Latvia.

The volunteers will have a chance have experience in non-governmental field, using non-formal education’s methods, participating in organization’s everyday work and arranged activities and developing their own ideas. An important topic for 2015 is also Latvia’s presidency of the Council of the European Union and the project will include activities connected to that. The Club “The House” has 19 year experience in non-governmental field and experienced members.

Message from our previous volunteers:

If you are thinking where to do your EVS in Latvia: do it at Klubs “Māja”! This is a thing we both agree on, that we had the best project and coordinator from all the projects in Latvia. This is a project for you if you are creative and dynamic, and if you want to work with youth. You should have initiative of your own and you will work with initiative of others as well. You have lots of structure and chaos around you at the same time. Everyone in Club “The House” speaks English, so you don’t have to be afraid that you won’t be able to communicate with them. And when you start learning Latvian, there are always some people who are very happy and patient to speak Latvian with you as well.

You will learn a lot: what is a real winter, what happens to people when they don’t see any sun for 4 months etc. But also things like how to prepare events, lead workshops and classes and all that stuff.

Plus, Latvia is such a beautiful country to do your EVS. Especially the summer in Riga is awesome with lots of cool places to spend your leisure time. And Latvia has a very good location, you can travel all around Baltic Sea and further from Riga: to Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Russia and Belarus. And the good thing is, the travelling is really cheap as there are lots of good offers by bus and ferry companies!

Welcome to Hauss!

Dina and Tobias,

EVS volunteers at Klubs Maja 2011/2012




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