URGENT! Short term EVS vacancy in Greece – 1 and a half months

Name of the project: You in EUGreece

Location: Kalamata – Greece

Period: 15/06/2014 – 30/07/2014

Duration: 1,5 months

ONLY for Portuguese

Application deadline: 13 April 2014

Description of the tasks of the volunteers:

– Promoting the 8th Kalamata Street Festival and the Miden (Video-Art) Festival
– Preparing the materials
– Organising their own “parallel activities” and workshops
– Documenting everything (taking pictures, videos, etc)
– Participation in cultural and social activities of the organization

– Creation of a blog for their EVS experience
– Iplementation of various support activities during the festivals:
– Setting up the place and the equipment
– Providing information to visitors
– Supporting the smooth running of the various parallel activities
– Surveillance of the place
– Cleaning up after and before the festivals
– Undertaking various supporting activities

Description of the Hosting organization:

KANE is a Youth organization, based in the city of Kalamata, Greece. Since its establishment in 2008, KANE participates in,implements and promotes activities on local,regional and international level (such as trainings,seminars, meetings,youth exchanges,social,cultural and educational projects,etc.), in line with the values of UNESCO’s Education for Sustainable Development,focusing mainly on Cultural Education,Gender Equality and Sustainable Urbanization.
These projects are open to all young people, mostly aged between 16 and 30, focusing more on local youngsters, trying to support their personal development through training, non-formal education and intercultural activities.

Selection process:

Please send CV and Motivation letter to maiscidadaniapt@gmail.com

We are running out of time and we need people for this project, so it is an URGENT vacancy.

ONLY for Portuguese


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    1. Hi.
      The coordinator organization for this project is Portuguese, and designed the project for Portuguese young people to go to other countries.

  1. This project is for young portuguese who live in Portugal or it can be for portuguese who live in another country?

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