Vacancy for EVS volunteer in Spain – 9 months

Name of the project: Active YouthSPAIN

Location: Arenas de San Pedro, Spain

Period: 01/10/2014 – 30/06/2015

Duration: 9 months

Application deadline:ASAP at the latest 6 April 2014

Description of the tasks of the volunteers: 

The volunteers will participate in a running project “Your Participation 3 Our Future”, that implicates participation of several youth groups from several countries, gathering them together around an on line project and local activities. The project runs towards a face to face activity, which is a youth exchange with the participants.

The volunteers will participate actively in the implementation of this project assisting work in the field (youth group activities) and offering assistance in the coordination tasks. Also they will be co-responsible of teaching English to children of the Primary School Zorrilla Monroy as well helping in the Paining work shop directed to ages between 4 and 12.
They will be involved in other local association’s activities, such as: the Boccherini Music School or AREDIS – Occupational centre for disabled youth.

Working hours and days off: 6 hours per day, 5 days per week, two consecutive days off per week and 2 days holiday per month for the duration of the project. The working hours are very flexible. We have activities during the week as well in weekends. Working weekends will be made up with days off.

Description of the host organization:

The AJS Association is a non- profit organization that focuses its work on youth in rural areas.
Our main aims are:
1. To promote citizen participation among youth.
2. To develop a conscious and critical attitude towards social and political issues.
3. To foment the youth initiative.
4. To impulse the education of the future Young entrepreneurs.

Selection process: 

If you are interested in the project please send CV and a message to Contact person: Victor Doyen,

ASAP We are looking for young people that like working with adolescents and have some talents in music, creative organization, dancing, graphic design, project menagement, etc.