URGENT! 4 EVS vacancies for short term project Italy – 1 month

Name of the project: You in EUITALY 2

Location: Rome – Italy

Period: 01/05/2014 – 31/05/2014  for 2 volunteer and 01/07/2014 – 31/07/2014

Duration: 1 month

ONLY for Portuguese

Application deadline: 10 April 2014

Description of the tasks of the volunteer:

The volunteer will work in enviroments where children express themselves in freedom.
The tasks will be:
Practical daily life activities,
Artistic workshops,
Language courses,
Environmental activities,
Cultural tours of the city,
High level of sharing with other local volunteers

Description of the hosting organization:

Cemea (Active Education Methods’ Training Centres) born in France in 1937 with the aim of developing democratic and participate behaviours. After the war, Cemea spread all over the world. Today the Cemea movement is active in 29 European, African and American countries, co-ordinated by the International Federation with its headquarter in Paris, that since 1964 has the B status at the UNESCO and since 1972 a consultative status at the European Council and at the European Youth Forum in Brussels. In Italy, the Cemea were born in 1950 and they gather in the Italian Federation of CEMEA in 1974. Cemea refers to the active education: a kind of education that tends to get free the human being, offering situations in which anyone – child, youngster, adult – can become conscious of the world around her/him, contributing to its evolution, in a perspective of individual and social development.

Selection process:

Please send CV and Motivation Letter to maiscidadaniapt@gmail.com

We need 2 person for this vacancy and another 2 for the same project, but during the month of JULY.

ONLY for Portuguese