Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Lithuania – 12 months

  • The volunteers will work in a center of social services


In the centre of social services there are not only daycare group for handicap people, who come every day, but also every Tuesday there come around 30 more people with disabilities of various age who come from the districts and 10:30 h to 15:30 h they also join the activities, like ceramics, arts, handicrafts, physical activities, quilt sewing, etc. There is a psychologist who consults individually, carries out group activities and relaxation sessions.
Clients choose the activities individually according to their hobbies. Wednesdays there is another group of 7 people who come – 4 people have physical disabilities – cannot walk, the rest have psychical disability but are partially independent, they can take care of their hygiene, dressing up, eating. Every Friday three more people with psychical disability come over and join ceramics workshops.
In the children daycare center there come around 8 kids everyday at age 8-16, most of them are boys. They can use computers, do their homework, play ping-pong, basketball, board games, do handicrafts, prepare various celebrations, puppet theater plays, etc. It is safe environment for them after school where they can improve their creative abilities, learn to communicate in more constructive way and have means to more constructive leisure time then that at home or on the street.
All in all, here at the Center people having social or medical problems have an opportunity to develop communication and self-expression skills. When they take part in various activities provided at the Center, they improve their social relations, they also can train better their sensory systems and they do not feel so lonely.
Volunteers‘ role at children daycare center: Volunteers will be able to play with the children various games: ping-pong, basketball, outdoor games and table games. Help in handicrafts for children: paper folding, leather ware works, ceramics, quilt sewing, clay figures, making dolls for the theater. Children together with workers create puppet theater plays and acts. Children daycare center attendants organizes various celebrations, for example: Christmas, Carnival, Easter celebrations. Volunteers will be invited to help in organizing these events: making of decorations together with children, create theater plays, act. We will need help in organizing birthday celebrations for kids. We expect that volunteers will introduce us to their country, culture, traditions and customs. Volunteers role at the daycare center for people with handicap: Volunteer will help to organize activities for for people with disabilities. For dependent people (for those who have both – physical and mental disabilities) volunteer will help to dress up, eat, help in personal hygiene, communicate. For people who only have physical disabilities volunteer will help to participate in activities of the daycare center: ceramics workshops, arts, wood works, quilt sewing, handicrafts; to help to prepare working place and to clean it in the end. In the physical activities volunteer together with clients will play darts, checkers, help to make easy physical movments. Volunteer will also be invited to join these activities of the centre: organizing and preparing various events, trips to concerts, gatherings of people with physical handicap. To join in everyday activities of arts. Volunteers will be able to help to organize summer camps. There will be space given to the volunteers initiative – to teach handicrafts of their country which we do not have, traditional cooking. Volunteers will be able to organize birthday party for the kids with games and entertainment, sport match with other children daycare centres, picknick in the nature (by the lake) with games, etc.


It is very important that volunteers applying to this project would be aware of people with disabilities, to have at least a bit of contact before arrival, because it might be shocking. All groups of clients are separated, yet very close to each other and often doing things together. Another important aspect – volunteer should be willing to live in peaceful small town with limited socialization possibilities. Though the social centre staff is small and very hospitable, be aware that only 1-2 people speak English and in the town Lithuanian is a must. And for those who apply to the children daycare centre – little children stick to volunteers quite quickly, but the older ones do not easily trust people. What volunteer would be succesful in the project? Communicative, open-minded, loving people and spend lots of time with them – you should like a lot various handicrafts, to be in small and peaceful local community, to like people with disabilities and children, variuos events for families and older people.


Please write an email to and I’ll send you application form. Please do it until 10th April the latest. Please indicate in the letter: to which placement do you apply: children daycare centre or daycare group for people with disabilities? And what is your sending organization. Thank you very very much and looking forward to your applications!