Short term EVS vacancy in Spain – 1 month

Name of the project: Happy Birthday Charming CrowSPAIN

Location: La Aldea del Portillo de Busto, Spain

Period: 30/08/2014 – 20/09/2014

Duration: 1 month

Application deadline: 15 June 2014

Description of tasks of the volunteer:

Volunteers will help in the organization of the scarecrows festival, help children creating scarecrows, dressing up as scarecrow, etc. They will participate in the design and realization of the performance and help artists with the realization of their scarecrows. Important part of the tasks of the volunteers is maintenance of the house, cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc. They will also cut herbs, work in fencerestauration, re-painting and restauration of artworks in the open air, etc.

Description of the hosting organization:

The scarecrow or “enchantingcrow” is one of the symbols of our association. Its 10th birthday we want to celebrate with the children from the schools surrounding our small village through a festival of scarecrows in the region, ending up in our own scarecrows museum at la Aldea del Portillo. Also we would like to invite various artists to design scarecrows for the permanent open air exhibition. Volunteers are invited to participate in a scarecrows performance we will show around in the schools.
Simultaneously, we’ll prepare all exhibition spaces, both inside our gallery and outside in the open air, for the coming summer.

Application process:

We ask volunteers to send us a short and direct motivation letter and cv at If they catch our interest, we will send them a questionnaire and make our decision as soon as possible. Volunteers must have a sending organization.
We expect volunteers to be physically prepared and willing to work with their hands, prepared to live in an isolated village in the mountains, without any access to shops, bars, etc. Experience with rural life and interest in modern arts are not required, but will increase the possibility of a positive experience for the volunteer considerably. Basic level of spanish language is required.

Contact person: Imágenes y Palabras Dorien Jongsma
Coordinating organisation: Imagenes y Palabras
Host: Imágenes y Palabras:


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