URGENT!Vacancy for French EVS volunteer in Germany – approved project – 12 months

Location: Bad Kissingen, GermanyGermany

Period: 01/06/2014 – 30/05/2015

Duration: 12 months

Application deadline 10 April 2014

Description of tasks of the volunteer:

The volunteers should contribute to the community of the Sinnberg School with their abilities, skills, interests and personality. They are going to get to know about Germany, culture, values, norms and pedagogy. They will have the opportunity to get to know how to handle with children of different ages, if they want they can work with various age groups (around 6-10 years old).They will get to know the institution, where the children with diverse roots taken care of are and how a school can be good and constructive

The volunteers are part of the team and they participate in every team meetings, planning, evaluation, team’s trainings.
The activities of the volunteer are: the volunteer will enrich the week day at school. They will be partially accompanied and facilitate the classes in small groups. They will get the insight about the various offer for the pupils, for example project for health education, social learning and language promotion. In the full day care services the volunteers can take part and propose new project offers in sport associations, lunch, school kiosk and school garden.


Description of the hosting organization:

Sinnbergsschule in Bad Kissingen
Bad Kissingen (Germany)

The Sinnberg Volksschule is a public elementary school for around 330 children. Around 35% of the pupils have got the migration background. Because of that the school worked out a special concept, how the children can learn “with all senses”. A whole series of the offers should give to the children the opportunity to develop their personality. The special offers in music, sport, reading, theatre, bicycle, experiencing nature and social interaction are going to shape their day at school. In the all-day field also in the afternoon the children are taken care of and receive diverse free- time-offers, which take place in the Youth Culture Centre in Bad Kissingen. Also in sport, there will be offered some possibilities in cooperation with sport clubs, like golf or chess.

Selection process:

The project is already approved and we are looking for a volunteer from FRANCE!

We are looking for a girl or a boy between 18 and 30 years.

The candidates should send the CV and motivation letter (in German) till 10.04.2014 to anastazja.zydor@jubi-unterfranken.de