Vacancy for EVS volunteer in Italy – 10 months

Name of the project: Fondazione Opera Don PippoITALY 2

Location: Forlì, Italy

Period: 01/09/2014 – 01/07/2015

Duration: 10 months

Application deadline 14 April 2014

Description of the tasks of the volunteers:

The Activities can be divided in six groups:

-Activities linked with autonomy in everyday life
-Activities in the creative lab
-Activities of psychomotricity
-Leisure & recreational Activities
-Activities in the vegetable-garden
-Activities related to theatre and music

The volunteers will have to adapt to the domestic environment and participate to the dayly activities linked with the care of the centre and of the residents and with the lab and recreational activities. The volunteer will have the possibility to develop his/her individual competences participating to the different activities and learning how to manage the relationships with the users and the professional staff. In particular, the volunteer will support the staff in the organization of leisure activities offering his/her ndividual competences participating to the different activities and learning how to manage the relationships with the users and the staff.

Description of the hosting organization:

Fondazione Opera Don Pippo started its activity in 1952 creating a welcome place for disadvantaged women and in 1999 it became an NGO. It now offers a family-style living environment for people people affected by physical, mental, perceptives disabilities and encourages them to feel at home, to develop their talents, to build friendships and quite simply, to make the most of life with the help and support of professional staff. This is obtained through the use of the appropriate socio-rehabilitative methodologies and techniques which aim at promoting the acquisition of a vision of life where Christian values are felt as an integral part of human beings.
Don Pippo manages a socio-rehabilitative residential centre where people with difficulties can find a familiar environment living everyday life with cooking, cleaning, washing and other type of works (e.g. gardening). The Fondazione runs also a daily-care centre (in the same building) that offers workshops and leisure activities to its guests developing their residual abilities. Both centres are run by a team of specialized professionals which use the appropriate socio-rehabilitative techniques responding to the annual planning of the centre and the individual project established by the staff for each resident.
The residents of Opera Don Pippo are in the majority women, they show different step of psyco-physical disability and they have an age comprised between the 30 and the 65 years old. At present the daily-care centre is attended by 14 people, while the residential centre gives hospitality to 20 people. In both centres each resident is involved in the managemet of the spaces and of personal and communal times, with the aim to improve autonomy and to improve the personal responsibility in the organization of house activities. Moreover, the staff promotes socializing moments and meetings outside the building where the residential group cand have an experience of personal amusement and personal and cultural enrichment.

Selection process:

There are no specific characteristics we’re looking for but it is important that volunteers, who will be indentified by direct contacts with the sending organization, are open-minded and willing to establish relations with the everyday life of the centre, its users and to integrate in the staff of possessional workers. From our previous experiences, we must say that is important that the sending organization investigates the real motivation of the volunteer in choosing our specific project.

Contact person: Caterina Vestito
Coordinating organisation: Consorzio Solidarietà Sociale ForlìCesena
Host: Fondazione Opera Don Pippo: