Vacancy for EVS volunteer in Spain – 9 months

Name of the project: Dejovenes to EuropeSPAIN

Location: Leganés (Spain)

Period: 01/10/2014 – 30/06/2015

Duration: 9 months

Application deadline: 30 April 2014 

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

The volunteers will be a support in the activities organized by the Delegation of Youth, and the advice of international mobility.
The volunteer will have a monthly calendar with activities, so they can manage their free time and support
Support activities of the Delegation of Youth, which may be implemented in the morning or afternoon, depending on the needs, are:
• Collaboration with the preparation and organization of activities (information sessions EVS, EVS advice to other young people, activity programming and workshops on the Youth in Action Programme to bring Europe closer to young people etc).
• Support the search for information for the development of digital newsletter ‘Dejóvenes the World’.

• Collaboration in the quarterly digital newsletter Dejóvenes Center.
• Participation in various activities and campaigns: Conversations in English and other languages, job search workshops in Europe, Study Shows and employment, Youth Week, work camps, EVS information campaigns in the institutes of Leganes.
•Volunteers will be provided with resources for young people at a local, regional, national and European level. Visit the city of Leganes, the Department of Youth in the Community of Madrid, the European commission office in Spain and so on.
•At the beginning, volunteers will act as observers and learn about the activities, and later will be more active and may become part of the team, participating in planning, coordination and monitoring meetings, etc.
They will counted with the support of an official of the organization and with the support of equipment to adapt to our methodology, better integration with the target group and improve its action with them. This is always a challenge at first, especially if no previous experience, so they will be advised and supported on how to interact within therules, limits, promotion, organization and implementation of activities, etc. Volunteers work with associations and entities of the associative accompanying municipal work, attending workshops and other activities … Activities may be conducted during the morning or afternoon, depending on the needs and according to the established schedule for every project in agreement between the parties

Description of the hosting organization:

The Youth Delegation (Centro Dejovenes) has been working for over 25 years with youth in our town. We started with a small information office and Summer camps. We now have a more professionalised area, with many actions, including specialised information and all kinds of activities. We plan our activities according to a deep study of the needs and demands of youth through a permanent observatory. We plan our activities grouping them under objectives. We currently put the stress on the quality of our services. In 2005, we adopted the model EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) and we can now evaluate our services more objectively. We work in the frame of “affirmative policies”, that is, we work on those aspects which characterise youth as such. We work on 2 areas: Information and counselling and social and cultural entertainment.
-Information and counselling: we provide information related with youth and specialised information
through counsellors. We have counselling services regarding sex, legal matters, psychology, volunteering,employment-Social and cultural entertainment: promotion of associations, value education, support to initiatives, leisure, activities in and outside Leganes, Skiing trips, camps, multi-adventure and the
programme “Denoche” (at night), in Leganes.Youth creation: music (pop, hip-hop, rock), graffiti, comics,
mainly value education, participation, solidarity, cultural exchanges….

Application process:

Volunteers who want to participate with us in our project must be motivated to carry out the volunteer program and willbe asked to provide in addition to their curriculum vitae, a cover letter detailing their reasons for volunteering.
Through emails and telephone interviews, applicant swill be informed both about all project conditions, living conditions including accommodation, coexistence, schedules etc
An important criteria of the profile of volunteers to join our project is to be aware of the activities that will be developed and the responsibility this entails. They must know that their job is to support work done in our organization. We count on their experience, motivation and skills.
The previous work of the sending organization is very important and we will make sure that you perform a good selection, with particular attention to motivation and pre-departure training. Collaboration and trust between organizations is very important, with monitoring and support of volunteers before, during and after their EVS.
The volunteer should be aware not only of their responsibilities under the project, but also and above all the practical aspects of life in a foreign city and the necessity to adapt and be flexible.

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