Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Slovakia – 12 months


  •       Location: Stupava, Slovakia
  •       Deadline: 30/04/2014
  •       Start: 01/09/2014
  •       End: 31/08/2015
  • The civil association Modrá Sova, o.z. is a voluntary, apolitical and irreligious interest association of citizens. It operates in the region of „Zahorie“ in the town of Stupava ( near the capital city).
  • The mission is to fulfill the needs of the local community, protect and create the environment, develop knowledge-ability, civil fellowship and cooperation.

The idea of “Think globally and act regionally!” is supported by two main activities of the project “Seed Inside Us” :
– the operation and performance of the waldkindergarten and the primary class 1.- 4.
– the building of natural area with a playground, stage and rest zoneThe young people are welcomed to take a part in this project. They will for example assist to the pedagogue-in-chief at program making for children (outdoor activities), assist in overcoming obstacles, create rope playground, wooden playground, houses with a green roof, willow constructions for kids. They will do also environmental activities, events and workshops for general and cooperate with professionals. There is an opportunity to develop their communication, social and manual skills and knowledge
The volunteers will be confronted with non consumer way of life which reasonably considers human needs with regard of nature and future generation. Young people will naturally witness a new model of the children’s education which puts the stress on respect to human individual, nature, creativity and also personal development of the educator.

Name of the project: “Seed Inside Us”
Number: SK-21-44-2013-R2
Together: 2 voluntaries
Duration of project: 16 month


The volunteers are welcomed to take part in our projects to the extent they choose. There is an opportunity to develop their communication, social and manual skills and knowledge. We support them to implement their own ideas and knowledge and at the same time we respect their own methods and pace. We enable our volunteers to take a closer look at the running of small non-profit organizations, to assist at the initiation and execution phase of various voluntary projects and to take part in establishing new partnerships with other organizations. Here is the list of the concrete activities which our volunteers can perform: 1.) Activities with children in the waldkindergarten “Jadierko” or in the “Free class 1.-4.” – staying with children outdoors in each weather every day – assistance to the pedagogue-in-chief at program making for children – communication and games in English – handmade crafts and art ( bird houses, felt craft, land art, theatre, music…) – building a sincere relationship with children and assistance in overcoming obstacles 2.) To work on a building of a natural area and a playground, theatre platform and a small ecologic house – construction of natural equipment for kids of different ages ( rope playground, wooden playground, houses with a green roof, willow constructions for kids) – terrain clearance, a building a permaculture edible garden and a fruit tree garden in cooperation with professionals – construction of a straw/clay house and green roof – maintenance and the running process of the area 3.) Involvement in the activities for the local community – environmental activities ( rubbish collection and sorting, planting of woody plants,…) – events for general public ( open air theatre, handcraft workshops, celebrations of feasts,…) – presentation of the association at the information booth during various events and festivals 4.) Nature protection in the region of Zahorie – help with innovation and management in forest and sand dunes in the region Záhorie – innovations in wetlands Záhorie, tracking various animal and plant species – monitoring of nesting black storks (Ciconia nigra) We try to offer a wide range of educative and creative activities that a volunteer can find motivating.


Our volunteers should meet the following preconditions: – a self-reliant and independent personality – to have a personal motivation to develop their skills – to have personal matters of interests, make some art (play music), do sport and etc. – a desire to learn and explore new things – creative thinking ( also by problem solving) – to respect and regard our Mother Earth and people – to have an ability to follow basic rules in human relations – to be responsible for their behavior and actions – an ability to see mutual connections between things Our organization has received a number of steps to make sure we ensure the best conditions for the arrival of volunteers. Our employees are willing to do our best to educate and to be able to ansure conditions for volunteers to be at. In doing so, will communicate with organizations that already have experience in hosting volunteers. (PHŽ, BROZ)


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  1. Hi! I was wondering when is the deadline for sending the motivation letter, because 30th april is the deadline for the organisations for sending their project.
    Thank you so much in advance!

    1. Hi Maria! 30th of April is the deadline the organizations gives. It is true that it is the same deadline as the one for applying to the Erasmus+ projects but it is the only deadline they posted in their call. It could also be true that they might chose to put such a distant deadline just to be safe, but they just as well might view applications as they come so (as in many other EVS calls) we would recommend to send your application as soon as possible.

      Hope this helps and good luck!

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