Vacancy for Spanish EVS Volunteer in Czech Republic – 12 months

  • Contact person: Lorena Gaona
  • Organisation: Fundació Catalunya Voluntària FCV
  • Location: Trinec, Czech Republic
  • Deadline: 30/04/2014
  • Start: 01/05/2014
  • End: 30/04/2015
  • Bunkr o.s. is a regional non-profit organization that provides social services to children and youth in the age of 12 through 20. Bunkr, o.s. was established in 2003 in Trinec. Today, the organization works in 3 towns: Trinec, Jablunkov and Bohumin.

    We have been a part of EVS program since 2005 and there were 16 volunteers in our organization since that time. EVS is a great asset not only for volunteers, but also for our organization, our clients, children and young people, who we work with as well as for the whole local community. Volunteers can learn Czech language. They also get to know our culture, customs, traditions and people



About the voluteer’s work in Bunkr How it works in the clubs and on street work (social services) We have 3 clubs (in Třinec, Bohumín) – you will work in both of them. Bunkr provides social services for clients. They are mainly based on conversations between social workers and clients. Another part of our work are the free-time activities (and this is a place for your own ideas, activities, etc.). You will be working on the shift (clubs Bunkr and Bunkřík and Streetwork) always with another worker. The worker is responsible for the shift process – please respect the worker and accept his/her instructions. When a worker speaks with a client, you take care of the other clients – do not disturb conversations.

Your position during shifts is to be an assistant. During shift in clubs, assistants:
 play games with children
 realize their activities prepared in the advance (you should prepare min. one activity per week)
 lend table-games and sport equipment
 take care about the bar During shift in street work, assistants:
 play games with children
 take care about a street-backpack
 realize their activities prepared in the advance (you should prepare min. one activity per week) Bunkryt : practice/rehearsal room We run a practice/rehearsal room for young beginner musicians. Occasionally, the volunteer will assist the young musicians during their practice by opening and closing the room and setting up the music equipment. All needed training will be provided. Student team A group of high school students tries to collect and carry out students’ ideas. This activity is conducted under Bunkr’s administration. Student meetings are organized once every two weeks. Volunteer is cooperating with student on events and preparing fort hem the presentation about the volunteer´s country culture… Playgrounds without boredom This project focuses on public playgrounds in Trinec and Bohumin. Young people and volunteers work on playgrounds where they take care of a safe environment, play various games with other young people, and prevent vandalism on playgrounds at the time of their stewardship. Volunteers participate in all of the above mentioned projects – they help in clubs, assist the street workers, help with music studio operation and the students’ team and take part in the playgrounds’ project.


Only Spanish candidates.


Candidates should send their CV and motivation letter to: