EVS vacancy in Germany – 11 months

Name of the EVS project: Fachschule für Sozialpädagogik GengenbachGermany

Location: Gengenbach / Germany

Period: 01/09/2014 – 31/07/2015

Duration: 11 months

Application deadline: 22 April 2014

Description of tasks of the EVS volunteer:

The volunteer get the opportunity to contribute – under guidance of staff members – to child care in the affiliated training kindergarten. In the afternoon volunteers should support office work in the administration department of the vocational school and/or can take on tasks in the support and leisure time program of the vocational school and the affiliated residential home for students. Volunteers can introduce their own ideas and abilities like artisan skills, painting, graphic design, mechanical skills, music playing etc.

In the beginning the volunteer will only assist the group leaders, later she/he will take on responsibility – as far as admitted by legal liabilities.
Emphatically volunteers are invited to bring in their own ideas. Staff members will appreciate all initiatives to develop additional proposals for leisure time activities and will support planning and realization. Volunteers could develop their ideas for new games, activities or stories into a personal project if they so wished – creative ideas are always welcome.

Description of hosting EVS organization:

The Catholic Vocational School for Social Pedagogy (abbr. FSP) at Gengenbach offers vocational trainings in social occupational areas which are increasingly confronted with people of foreign backgrounds. The hosting of European Volunteers should give the students during their vocational training the opportunity to become familiar with intercultural issues.
For students the FSP provides accommodation in an affiliated boarding school. A teaching kindergarten is also located on the premises of the FSP.
The responsible body of the FSP is the Congregation of the Franciscan Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus in Gengenbach. The community is targeted to support based on franciscan spirituality children and young people as well as sick, poor and elderly people. In order to provide this service on a qualified level the congregation set up various training centres and schools.
The School offers vocational trainings and further education in:
– vocational training as nursery nurse
– advanced technical college entrance qualification
– vocational training in therapeutic pedagogy
– further education for Montessori diploma
– vocational school for additional qualification in infantile nursery
– a wide variety of further education
The occupational areas, for which the FSP provides vocational trainings, are dependend on honorary and voluntary collaboration of amateurs. By hosting of European Volunteers we want to give an insight into our social peadagogical training programs as well as into our methods of working with children.

EVS Application process: 

Candidates should send us their CV and complete a questionnaire they’ll get upon request.  stz1099@stw.de

Description of Location:
Gengenbach is a town in the district of Ortenau in southwestern Germany, near the district town Offenburg (60.000 inhabitants) and the french town of Strasbourg (270.000 inhabitants). At present Gengenbach has about 11.000 inhabitants.
Gengenbach is situated at the foothills of the Black Forest Mountains. Due to the privileged climate of the area, wine and fruit has been cultivated here for centuries. The vineyards and orchards lend the countryside an almost Mediterranean feel. The largest part of the community’s land, however, is covered by woodlands.
Through the Black-Forest-Railway (Offenburg-Singen) Gengenbach is connected to the national railroad network, furthermore there is a well developed suburban train and bus traffic system to touristic centres of the higher Black Forest and to the neighbouring french region of Alsatia.


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