EVS vacancy in Latvia – 9 months

Name of the project: Jurmala Children and Youth CentreEVS

Location: Jurmala (Latvia)

Period: 01/10/2014 – 30/06/2015

Duration: 9 months

EVS Application deadline: 18 April 2014

Description of the tasks of the EVS volunteer:

The activities realized in center are very different. We would like to adjust the project to the volunteer needs and interests, therefore before applying for the project, we want to elaborate the working graphic together with the volunteer and the sending organization. Everyday life volunteer will spend in center. The basic task will consist of helping to prepare for seminars, workshops and cultural activities. Volunteer will be able to learn how to organize center life, work in groups to prepare different workshops and seminars and get to know how to organize youth work in Jurmala and Latvia. They will be able to participate in all center activities such as outdoor activities, hobby groups, playing games and helping children to spend fun time together. Volunteer will work together with center Youth specialist.

We would like to host volunteers who are interested in working with children and youth within the local community.
The volunteers will work full-time (from 10 to 6 though there may be some evening/ weekend work for which time off will be given in lieu) with two days off a week.
The day mainly could be like this:
The part time of day will be used for planning the sessions, workshops or trainings they are going to lead. And in the afternoon will be activity time with children and youth in the center.

Description of the EVS hosting organization:

Jurmala Children and youth center features 29 hobby groups for 6 different fields. Together with 25 teachers at center hobby clubs attend more than 600 students. Hobby classes are held throughout the city. As regular events are different camps at school holiday weeks, environmental education competitions, summer camps, and educational seminars for both students and teachers. Centre is a place for Jurmala Youth council where they organize Youth leisure activities, educational seminars and other activities for young people in the city.

EVS Application process:

For us it is important that volunteer coming to work with us is open minded and active. We expect them to join the existing activities as well as bring their own initiatives. It is important that they are social and want to cooperate. We are open to host volunteers from any country.

We ask volunteers to send us a cover letter and cv at evsjurmala@gmail.es . If they catch our interest, we will contact with them to do skipe or we will send one questionaire. Volunteers must have a sending organization.