URGENT! EVS vacancy in Spain – 8 months

Name of the EVS project: ÁGORA CULTURAL+ 2014SPAIN

Location:Valencia – SPAIN

Period: 01/05/2014 – 31/12/2014

Duration: 8 months

Application deadline: ASAP 21 April 2014

Description of the tasks of the EVS volunteer:

The role of the EVS volunteer will be to assist the professional staff in their work. This will involve carrying out all activities that have to be developed in any area within the daily schedule of the Recreation Room or the Youth Center. EVS volunteer will be a support figure in training and educational activities developed with groups of children and young, under the supervision of professionals. He/She will help to schedule and to plan the different work areas and in activities undertaken.

In more concrete ways, depending on the interest, abilities and aptitudes, EVS volunteer may:
+ To support the Responsible of the Recreation Room and Youth Centre to train people in the neighbourhood about the importance of the game as elements that favours the integral development of children and young person.
+ develop a phase of participative observation with families.
+ collaborate in the report of the services offered by the Recreation Room and the Youth Centre to the entire population within an information campaign (brochures, posters, etc…)
+ assist in the organization and operate the Recreation Room and Youth Centre.
+ contribute in the distribution of the spaces, adequate the local to the needs.
+ cooperate in the organization and conduct of procurement of recreational funds:
+ support in the realization of files: recreational funds, listing children and young
+ support in the organization of hygiene tasks of the toys and space
+ support in the development of the internal rules of the Recreation Room and Youth Centre
+ support in the purchase of new material
+ help to encourage community participation of the neighbourhood in the execution of specific activities under the concept of the Recreation Room and Youth Centre as a space for dialogue and inter-generational learning.
+ discover the work through the Recreation Room and Youth Centre Assemblies.
+ cooperate in the planning of schedule activities, excursions, outings with the participation of parents, family, etc…

Description of the host organization:

Within the AYUNTAMIENTO DE MANISES (City Council of Manises), we rely on Youth Centres, that:
– Provides comprehensive and wide information and counselling youth service that collects, detects and disseminates the needed information for the social integration of youth as well as attends a personalized consultation and advisory and informational demands.
– Tries to see first-hand the concerns and needs of the school population.
– Enlarges and maintains the youth association level of population with conducting conventions and campaigns and participatory.
– Gives to youth all information generated by different agencies like IVAJ and COUNCIL.

The Municipal Recreation Room “En Marcha” and the Youth Centre San Francisco are resource centres of the AYUNTAMIENTO DE MANISES. Regarding the population that receives the Municipal Recreation Room “En Marcha” and the Youth Center San Francisco, are minors from 6 to 16 years old with a high rate of truancy, drug use and small criminal acts mainly theft.
At the same time, it aims to improve the management of local culture by encouraging artistic disciplines that are developed within our city, such as conferences, exhibitions, theatre, youth activities, reading promotion, publications, scholarships, awards research, literary prizes, paint awards etc…as well as to maintain collaboration agreements with different cultural associations of the city of Manises.
The Municipal Recreational Room “En Marcha” and the Youth Centre San Francisco works during the nine months of school activity, opening to the young people in the evenings and covering extra-time school, with a proposal for recreational and leisure activities at the same time as work cleaning and reading habits.

Application procedure:

We would like EVS volunteer:
+ be flexible with the culture and way of life of the host country (in this case Spain)
+ be aware of the responsibilities of being EVS volunteer, its involvement in the activities agreed in which obviously the volunteer will collaborate without replacing any job
+ be ready and accept the fact that the volunteer will have to share daily life tasks and respect other cultures since the volunteer will live with other EVS volunteers from other countries different than its own
More personally, we would like volunteer:
+ be willing to offer own experiences and learn new ones
+ be open to a new way of living
+ collaborate
+ have initiatives
+ be flexible
IMPORTANT: candidacies must be sent to agoracultural@gmail.com to the attention of Lili KUSENI, Projects Coordinator.

More info: http://europa.eu/youth/vp/vol_organisation/30001797623_en