EVS Vacancy Romania – 12 months

Name of the project: HERE THERE

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Period: 01/07/2014 – 01/07/2015

Duration: 12 months

Application deadline: 12/05/2014

Description of the tasks of the EVS volunteer:

Assisted by Romanian teachers, the volunteers are doing animation activities on the theme of cultural diversity for over 3000 beneficiaries. the project is for the hosting community a way of appreciating the values of volunteering in general and of EVS in special, influencing the formal educational system to adopt non-formal methods. Each week, the EVS and the young Romanian volunteers are involved in clinic animation activities in 4 hospitals of Bucharest for over 1200 very sick children during a year. Twice a month the volunteers of this project are organising for the disadvantaged youngsters from rural areas, volunteering and EVS promotion using Forum Theatre method. The promotions of volunteering through forum theater sessions for young disadvantaged kids is a common activity of all EVS volunteers of this project, which will all be part of the organizational team of some events with artistic or social character : fund-raising campaigns, toy collecting campaigns (Easter and Christmas), The Festival of Cultural Diversity (“Aici-Acolo” 9th of May), performances, workshops, etc…

Application procedure for the EVS project:

Please send your application form at vatavu.alina@gmail.com.
Together with your application form, it’s also necessary to send your CV and a motivation letter.

Here you can find more information about the project and you can also download the application form.
Its URGENT to send the application the soon as possible, in order to have enough time for preparing the agreement and all the necessary documents. We are especially looking for volunteer from Lithuania, Macedonia and Germany! Thank you!

Description of the hosting EVS organization:

A.C.T.O.R. The Cultural Association for Theatre and Origami in Romania has been working since 2002 and presently numbers 360 volunteers and their average age is 27.
A.C.T.O.R has the mission to offer its beneficiaries (children and young people) the instruments which help them communicate their thoughts and feelings to those around them, so as to develop their faith in their own powers and to find a place in the community. At the basis of these instruments often rest the abilities they didn’t dare showing, if they certainly wanted to.
A.C.T.O.R’s vision – a society in which an efficient communication exists is surely the society we all dream of.
A.C.T.O.R. is involved in the EVS programme since the beginning of 2003 and for us these kinds of projects projects are very important. We coordinated in 10 years 22 EVS projects with 96 European volunteers hosted in Bucharest. Through EVS and through A.C.T.O.R., the interest of the Romanian kids and young people has increased on local level. We believe that it is essential to continue hosting new volunteers to keep on working with the beneficiaries of our clinical animation program, ~ 1600 children from 4 pediatric hospitals in Bucharest (every year), but also in many other projects.
The EVS experience and results of our organization inspire other local partners to ask for support and coordination in developing EVS hosting projects. Some of them are now coordinators on their own.
In 2009 A.C.T.O.R. created with the EVS program an educational program for Romanian children about cultural diversity and since 2010 this program has been organized with the support of The Romanian Minister of Education. Every year around 3000 kids from Bucharest and rural areas discover the magic of cultural diversity from the EVS volunteers.