EVS Vacancy in Armenia – 12 months

Name of the project: The children who waitedEVS

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Period:01/08/2014 – 01/08/2015

Duration: 12 months

Application deadline: 15 July 2014 (ASAP)

Description of the tasks of the EVS volunteer:

The edutainment process may be held through games, active energizers, cultural and intercultural activities letting children to gain certain skills and competences, as sculpting, painting, different songs, basic knowledge of photography and theatrical art.

You will support in therapies for the children in institutions. You are also encouraged to lead discussions on different themes, teach the children basic language etc.

You will have concrete tasks, but also you will have a possibility of making your own project with children and in the host institutions, namely together with children you will develop and make the Event at the end of their Service.

Your tasks would be as follows, though not restricted by the list:
– You will assist in offering workshops and leisure time activities to the children, where they can draw, sculpture, learn different national and foreign songs, games, dancing, etc.
– In addition, you are encouraged to propose activities according to your own interests and skills. You will support the children and they will support you which will give them the sense of being needed.
– You will participate in and organise meetings and educational games, using your own experience and ways of working in your country.
– You will introduce your traditions; customs and culture which will make children understand society and lifestyle of the country you come from and that of Europe in general. You will be invited to organise a big performance and exhibition with songs and dances of your country of origin with active participation of the children.

It is of vital importance for you to be integrated in the project. There is a set of preliminary goals such as foreseen performance/ concert/ exhibition of things done with children, but it is also anticipated that within the project KID you would create their own sub-projects, which will let you improve your entrepreneurial skills and make your experience as EVS unique and individual.

Description of the EVS hosting organization:

Volunteers from Lithuania, Denmark, United Kingdom, France and Poland are needed for a Service of 12 months in Armenia in one of 4 Host Organisations working in the children field – Zatik Social Centre, SOS Children’s Village, Ognem Foundation and Children’s Rehabilitation Centre!

The main stress of these organisations is supporting children that have certain issues with inclusion in the society and/or profound need of support. The target group consists of orphans and children with physical/mental disabilities or diseases, who more than others need care and support.

Zatik is a social centre in Yerevan, Armenia where disadvantaged children found a home filled with love and care; although many doors were knocked upon for food. The main concern of the centre is for the future of these children. One of the major goals to enable them to find an identity and a position in the changing Armenian society. Zatik has 100 children aged from 3-17.

SOS – Children’s Village of Kotayq, Armenia is the new family orphans and abandoned children found. They have a SOS Mother and siblings in the houses they live in and they have created a familiar atmosphere around houses of SOS. There are 57 children at the moment in the Village.

Rehabilitation Centre for children is an institution located in Yerevan, Armenia that works with children with disabilities. The children of the centre receive their treatment there and sometimes spend a long time in the centre until their recovery.

Ognem Foundation works with children with leukaemia – a form of blood cancer. They fund the treatment of these children in Armenian hospitals and abroad, as well as organise various activities for those children.

The main objective of the project “The Children Who Waited” is non-formal education of these children, their moral support and help in their becoming full and independent members of society. Therefore, you have a very unique role of elder tutor-friend, who they can take a lot from. The activities with children will be held in semi-formal or non-formal way.

During all the activities you will receive active support from HUJ, Host Organisation and your mentor. You will be accommodated in a flat shared with other volunteers, very close to the centre of Yerevan.

During the project you will develop and improve the sense of responsibility and entrepreneurship, as in all Hosting Organisations you will always be independent in what you do, though always supported by qualified specialists.

You will obtain different techniques, tools and methods of work in general and particularly with children.

It will also be a good possibility to get acquainted with another culture, different from theirs, learn the language of the country and meet people with different backgrounds.

Application process:

Each volunteer’s application will be matched to the projects criteria, suitable applications will have been selected on the merits of their application form, without prejudice. Please therefore send the filled in application form to us by e-mail huj@arminco.com .

The application form and the instructions to it may be found following this link.

The essential competences are sense of responsibility, creativity, ability to listen and support.

Please note that the privilege will be given to volunteers that:
-are “childAble” – interested or having some experience in working with children;
– come from Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom, Denmark and France;
– are motivated both to learn and teach.

The dates mentioned in the call are subject to a change: we would like to receive a volunteer as soon as possible.
For more information and/or should you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us on huj@arminco.com