Only for Polish! EVS vacancy in approved project in Turkey – 2 months

Location: Gaziantep, TurkeyEVS
Deadline: 10/06/2014
Start: 01/07/2014
End: 01/09/2014

The project will take place in Gaziantep, Turkey. Gaziantep is a province of industry and agriculture. There live many immigrants but because of this high immigration rate, some families cannot reach the social standard of the city for a long time. Therefore, there are some problems with children in some parts of Gaziantep. Consequently, this volunteering project is being realized in order to help to improve the childrens’ education and social skills.


There are different tasks. The volunteers will go to an autism centre and help teachers during class and play with the children. They will go to Oncology Hospital to organize animation for children with leucemia. Furthermore, English lessons for Afghan children are being organized. In the evenings the volunteers will go to a youth centre for problematic boys and prepare activities for them and talk with them about different topics.

Once a week an English conversation club is being organized in a high school to give students the opportunity to have intercultural exchange. In addition, the volunteers will go twice a week to a cultural centre, organize activities for children and help them to improve their English. There is a non-formal training provided for the volunteers which include among other things teamwork, crisis-management, leadership and project management. There is also language support as there will be provided six Turkish lessons weekly. In addition, there will be cultural nights. Each volunteer will present his or her country and prepare meals.


Candidates have to send their CV and letter of motivation (both in English) to We are going to send the application to the hosting organization. After the hosting organization has made an interview by skype, they will choose the volunteer.


We are looking for one volunteer. We will only recruit Polish applicants. The priority is given to canditates who are unemployed or have difficulties connected to an economical or geographical situation. But the main criteria is motivation and interest. The candidates have to show their own ideas and must be initiative.