2 EVS Vacancies in the United Kingdom – 12 months

Organisation: Public AchievementEVS EVS EVS EVS

Location: Belfast, United Kingdom

Deadline: 11/01/2015

Start: 01/09/2015

End: 31/08/2016

For several years we have been running a very successful EVS placement programme and in 2011 we won an award for the most innovative EVS project in the whole of Europe. International volunteers are vital to our mission and the diversity that they bring to our organisation has been of exceptional value, particularly for the young people we work with.

Public Achievement is Northern Ireland’s leading youth focused civic education organisation. Our work is built around our model of ‘Civic Youth Work’, and involves supporting young people to do real work on real issues in their communities.

Our mission is ‘Building Democratic Communities Together’ and our work is focused on helping adults and young people to understand how to make their communities more democratic and therefore more successful for all who live there. Our vision is of ‘a world where [young] people are respected, valued and taken seriously as co-creators of democratic communities’. We focus our efforts on working with communities that face tough realities – in particular areas that face social and economic disadvantage and many which have also been adversely affected by the former conflict and its legacy. Our work is underpinned by a commitment to improving community relations, building relationships between communities, and encouraging respect for and engagement with diversity.

We have worked in a broad range of venues, including community centres, youth clubs, schools and museums. We provide young people with the opportunity to get practical experience in directing and implementing their own work around real and important issues, while challenging them to learn that there are other perspectives and that issues are often complex and difficult. Our work seeks to address the social and political divisions in our society, and supports young people to develop alternatives to violence and avoidance as responses to conflict.

Public Achievement is offering two EVS placements, one in our Away from Violence project, one in our WIMPS Project.


Away from Violence: Youth Work, Volunteer Recruitment/Development, Evaluation, Reporting, Team Work, Other Duties The appointed person’s primary role will be to assist Public Achievement to develop active citizenship projects with groups of young people in Northern Ireland – primarily as part of our Away from Violence programme but also in the WIMPS programme. The person appointed will work regularly with groups of young people in the role of a volunteer coach. This will include regular, unsupervised and one-to-one contact with the young people involved in Public Achievement groups WIMPS: Multi Media Support and Campaigning, Youth Work, Evaluation, Reporting, Team Work, Other Duties The appointed person’s primary role will be to support the development of the WIMPS programme as well as upkeep of the innovative wimps.tv website. This will require the volunteer to work on a range of media activities, such as film production, interviewing relevant people (including young people), website maintenance and supporting young people to use the website as part of their own issue-based work. In addition, the volunteer will spend some time coaching small groups of young people across our programme areas. This will include regular, unsupervised and one-to-one contact with the young people involved in Public Achievement groups.


In order to apply please download the EVS Role Descriptions and Application Form from the Publications section ( http://www.publicachievement.com/Publications.aspx ) , complete the Application Form and return along with your CV and letter of motivation by Sunday 11th January 2015 at 17:00 (GMT). Since the summer of 2014 we have received a very high number of enquiries and in the interests of fairness we can only accept applications that are received between now and the deadline. Short listing will take place in the week beginning 12th January 2015. Candidates who are shortlisted will be interviewed by Skype in the week beginning 19th January 2015. Please note that we are applying for funding to Erasmus+ through the British Council for the 4th February deadline. This means that if you are selected, you will not receive confirmation of your place until we are informed about the outcome of our funding bid. More information can be found on our website: http://www.publicachievement.com/News/Apply-Now-to-Join-Us-as-a-European-Volunteer.aspx For questions, please contact Bronagh Cappa via e-mail: evs@publicachievement.com