EVS Vacancy in Czech Republic – 12 months

Organisation: LužánkyStamp of EVS

Location: Brno, Czech Republic

Deadline: 10/01/2015

Start: 01/10/2015

End: 30/09/2016

Labyrint takes place close to Bohunice and Stary Liskovec districts of Brno. We are mainly focused on the art activities as theatre, video, dance, music and so on. We have little theatre hall, gym, club and other spaces for our workshops. We cooperate with the students of pedagogy, theatre and music schools in Brno. We also organize some events like seminars, concerts, theatre plays and festivals.


Role and participation of the volunteer in Labyrint:

(1) assist the pedagogues with leisure time activities for children, young people and adults: theatre, dance, video hobby groups, arts group (in the afternoons)- 4 hours per week
(2) assist with lessons of Drama Education for classes of primary and secondary schools (occasionally, in mornings) – 4 hours per week

(3) help with organization and realization of specific actions and events: summer / winter camps for children and youth – in Labyrint or out of Brno, average 2 hours per week
(4) help with organization and realization several-day workshops for children, theater, film, music and dance festivals – average 2 hours per week
(5) help with organization of actions for the public community: open workshops for children, youth and adults, theatre performances, evenings of travellers,… (once in week, afternoons or evenings) – 2 hours per week
(6) assist the pedagogues in Labyrint club: club works as open space for children and youth, it offers table games, table football, darts, place to listen to music, do craft-work, arts … (in the afternoons) – 4 hours per week
(7) assist in the promotion and presentation of the activities – 2 hours per week
(8) help with cleaning, maintenance and operation – 2 hours per week
(9) help with organizations of Club Quiz, make questions, try to moderate evening,… 1 hour per week
(10) teaching language and try to create own language group, with our assistance – 1 hour per week
(11) regular meetings with tutor and boss – 1 hour per week
Working time for volunteer will be 25 hours per week – mainly in the afternoons, sometimes in mornings and occasionally it is useful to participate in some weekend actions and events. Exact schedule depends on the choice of the activities offered. We´re looking forward to a volunteer who is ready to bring new ideas, new energy and create his / her own projects. The time schedule of the volunteer – 35 hours weekly: 25 hours of work in Labyrint (more concrete information above) 3 hours of Czech language course 2 hours of preparation and meetings with coordinator and other volunteers 5 hours for volunteers personal project Small office with basic accessories is available, special contact person – ready to answer questions and help.

Application Procedure

Please send us your CV and motivation letter for selected project – describe why you have chosen it and what are your expectations – till 10th January 2015 at evs@luzanky.cz (contact person Eva Dittingerova)