8 EVS vacancies in Romania – 12 months

Host: FARMERS ASSOCIATION OF THE CRISTURU SECUIESC RomaniaAREA:https://www.facebook.com/pages/AACS/1540865639501917

Location: Cristuru Secuiesc, Romania

Deadline: 15/01/2015

Start: 03/07/2015

End: 03/07/2016

The Farmers Association of the Cristuru Secuiesc Area (Romania) intends to carry out an EVS project aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of the area, by supporting the activity of the local craftsmen, producers, herbalists and other stakeholders in two villages, Rugăneşti and Secuieni. Our project will also focus on the development of rural and agrotourism and on assisting the local kindergartens’ activity. We obtained our EVS accreditation recently, but we have wide experience in local and international volunteering.
We are searching for 8 volunteers coming from E.U. countries for a period of 12 MONTHS, starting from the first week of JULY 2015. As volunteer, you will have a 6 hour daily program for the activities and 2 days off/week. You will have + 2 days free/month and free days on the national holidays/official free days of the country.
As volunteer, your accommodation and the tools for the activities are ensured by us, your hosting association, besides this you will get a monthly allowance of 110 Euro for food and 60 Euro as pocket money. Your transport costs will be also reimbursed.
For more information, please watch https://prezi.com/xcfquc35qbal/evs-in-romania/ or contact us on the office.aacs@gmail.com email address!


The EVS vacancies you can apply for are: 1. Supporting the activity of craftsmen – in Rugăneşti – 2 volunteers 2. Supporting the activity of herbalists – in Rugăneşti – 1 volunteer 3. Elaborating and carrying out the local touristic strategy – in Rugăneşti – 1 volunteer 4. Supporting the activity of the kindergarten – in Secuieni – 2 volunteers 5. Supporting the activity of vegetable growers – in Secuieni – 2 volunteers


If you are aged 18-30, interested in agricultural, tourism related or program organizing activity fields, have basic English conversational skills, do not hesitate to apply!


In order to apply, please send your completed Curriculum Vitae and motivation letter on the office.aacs@gmail.com email address until the 15th of January 2015. Then you will participate at a Skype interview. We will communicate the final decision to all of the applicants!


Themes: Rural development