5 EVS Vacancies in France – 12 months

Coordinating organisation: Organisation ADIFFrance

Host: ADIF: http://www.adif-tv.org

Location: Cognac, France

Deadline: 02/02/2015

Start: 01/06/2015

End: 31/12/2016

We all work on projects of national dimension , European and / or international .
ADIF intervenes to support young people and associations in their individual and collective project.

With the creation of the Maison du Citoyen etde la Solidarité Internationale, we have created a structure to better support people in their projects. And we get everyday citizens and associations to support them in proposing, implementing and monitoring their initiative. The creation of WEBTV helped us to manage our projects with the installation of videos. Partnership with all associations (with whom we work to develop European and international projects) will be developed thanks to our WEBTV and our website.Our WEB-TV (called ADIF-TV) will be a video gallery with occasional live broadcasts . It is also a website with information about projects, opportunities and training.
A facilitator will be hired for this purpose to develop the site and make the connection between the different actors.
A WebTV is WHAT?
ADIF – TV is the broadcasting and reception of video signals over the Internet , allowing users to watch video content from the Web .
A WebTV technology uses streaming or progressive download to distribute its content on the Web. Customers can watch a video stream from their browser or media player.
But it is primarily a website with information and exchange of best practices.


• Make initiatives (European and international) with youth associations

• Participate in the civic education of young
• Enhance the community work
• Create a Resource Centre and virtual exchanges between Associations and youngsters
• Administration of WEB-TV: being able to work on digital media, especially on video creation
• Website management Moreover, the volunteer will support the work at La Maison du Citoyen et de la Solidarité International:
• Project support
• Human Rights education in schools and high-schools
The schedule is 24 hours per week. The daily timetable is flexible so it can be adapted to the bus schedule, if the volunteers need to take it.


We need 5 volunteers to support ADIF-TV and participate in the development of our projects. They will also participate in the reporting of our projects (both in Europe and Africa). We ask for: – skills in IT and management of websites – knowledge in Computer Science (computer graphics, site management, WebTV) is a plus. The mission would be 12 months.I will emphasize gender balance: 2 girls and 3 boys


Send your CV and cover letter to: contact@adif-interculturalite.eu


Themes: Urban development, Equal opportunities, Anti-racism/xenophobia, Social exclusion (in general), Youth information, Youth policies, Media and communications, European awareness
Targets: Youth and children, Disabled people, Unemployed, Migrants, Other